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Spira – Post Race Update #2014-10 – June 14, 2014 Sunset Speedway

With Scott taking the weekend off from racing due to other commitments, it was Billy, Samantha and Jake that departed for Sunset Speedway for a regular night of racing. Billy and his crew were the first ones to arrive at the shop and after changing the rear gears from those required at the larger track at Delaware Speedway the previous night, the teams headed north for the hour and a half drive to the Speedway.

With Samantha sitting 2nd in the points standings, the tech officials requested a compression test on her motor prior to going on the track to ensure that it met their maximum compression requirements and after it was found to be within the rules, Samantha joined Billy and Jake for practice. Jake’s #88 was very loose in the first of three practice sessions, however adjustments quickly brought the car under control for the remaining sessions that saw the 12 year old run lap times that were very comparable to his teammates. The motor in the #86 was not cooperating for Billy as it was backfiring in the corners and stumbling with a lack of power as Samantha ran very consistent lap times throughout the practice sessions without any major handling problems. Samantha started last in her heat race out of 12 cars and although she moved through the field throughout the ten laps to gain seven positions and finish 5th, she was just one position short of the transfer spot that would have put her into the dash for cash. Jake and Billy were in the same heat race, where Billy started 2nd and Jake 4th. Billy was able to move into a comfortable lead up front as the #64 had to work his way through the pack and eventually into 2nd with three laps remaining. Although still lacking power, Billy was able to hold onto the lead through the final lap to take the win with the #64 on his bumper. Jake did a great job in maintaining 4th throughout the race and would transfer into the dash for cash with Billy. Samantha started at the front of the twelve car field for the consi, where she drove flawlessly throughout the ten lap race for the win. Billy lined up 3rd for the dash for cash with Jake at the back of the field in 12th. Billy lost two positions throughout the race and finished 5th as Jake finished 9th.

With carburetor issues, the concern for the #86 team was that with Billy drawing the 15th starting position for the feature, the #86 may not have what it would take to get to the front in 25 laps. Jake started in 8th and Samantha started in front of Billy in 14th. Jake got shuffled back to 14th before the caution came out on the 15th lap, where Jake did an awesome job avoiding the car in front of him that got sideways on the track and brought out the caution. Samantha and Billy had worked in tandem towards the front of the field with Samantha leading the way in 8th and Billy in 9th. The remaining ten laps were run without incident until the final lap, when the #49 pushed up the track, making contact with the #81, causing Samantha to go up towards the wall, allowing Billy, who was running in the bottom lane to swap positions with her and finish 7th as Samantha regained control and finished 8th. Jake kept his car clean while running in mid pack and moved up two positions in the final laps to finish 12th.

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