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Lucas Smith Takes 1st Win At Peterborough Speedway

Lucas Smith topped the field for the very first time with the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets at Peterborough Speedway on Saturday night. Starting third for the 25 lap ‘A’ Main, Smith took the lead on the second lap and never looked back. Turning times in the low 13 second range at this 1/3 mile high banked oval, Smith never had his lead challenged. The very excited driver accepted the winners trophy in Victory Lane and gave a big thanks to his dad and the car owner.

“I want to thank car owner Cliff Walsh for giving me this opportunity to drive TQ #49 and my Dad for always supporting me in everything I do, an early Happy Father’s Day Dad!”

Tyler Turnbull took the lead from his pole starting position at the drop of the green followed by Smith and Adrian Stahle. The caution flew before the end of that lap for a spin by Paul Smith. As the green again flew Turnbull was first with Smith close on his tail. Stahle, Adam Racine and David Balych rounded the top five. Stahle gained the top spot briefly from Turnbull until Smith dove under him coming out of turn four and went to the front. Racine was now third, Turnbull dropped to fourth and Balych was fifth. The second caution came out as Balych spun gathering up the field again for the restart. Smith shot to the lead as Stahle and Racine battled for second. Darren McLennan moved into the fourth spot as Turnbull kept in the top five.

Smith opened up a sizable lead over the field as 2nd thru 5th battled for position. With nine laps in the red flag came out as Turnbull clipped the inner curb coming out of turn two shooting him up the track and in a spin. Ryan Fraser dove low to avoid him and got into the grass sending him up into the jersey barriers and on his side. Daniel Bois had nowhere to go and stopped just short of hitting Turnbull. Bois got his spot back, Turnbull went to the back of the field for the restart and Fraser was done for the night.

When the green flag waved again, Smith continued his sizable lead as Stahle held second place, Racine was third followed by last race winner Rob Neely. McLennan held on to fifth place. At half way, Neely drove hard into turn four taking the spot from Racine. Smith had at least a 5 car lead over Stahle as Neely began to charge to the front. Two laps later Mack DeMan, current point’s leader, joined the top five as Racine lost ground to McLennan and DeMan also passed him.

With seven laps to go Stahle spun on his own bringing out the final caution of the night. Smith took the lead at the restart as Neely moved into second place. DeMan was now third followed by McLennan and Racine. Smith again opened a good lead but Neely was coming on strong. DeMan and McLennan fought for third place as Todd Cresswell now moved into the top five. As the final laps ticked off Smith could feel Neely coming, DeMan was third and Cresswell passed McLennan for fourth place. Smith put his new Suzuki motor into overdrive seeing the checkered flag in the distance and wanting his first win. Taking the win Smith got his wish, Neely was second, DeMan third, Cresswell was fourth and McLennan brought home a top five finish. A notable 6th place finish for a hard charge of Jeff Blackburn after starting in 15th place.

Heats were won by Neely and Stahle. The ‘B’ Main was won by Paul Smith, substituting for Ryan Hunsinger in TQ #4. Hunsinger was injured in practice as a water line came loose burning his leg, sending him to be checked out at a local hospital. He was released and sent home that evening.

The Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets head to Flamboro Speedway next Saturday for race number 4. PLEASE NOTE…THE RACE ON JULY 5TH AT GRAND BEND SPEEDWAY HAS BEEN CANCELLED.

Final finish for the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets at Peterborough Speedway on June 14, 2014 was…1. LUCAS SMITH, 2. Rob Neely, 3. Mack DeMan, 4. Todd Cresswell, 5. Darren McLennan, 6. Jeff Blackburn, 7. Adrian Stahle, 8. Adam Racine, 9. Daniel Bois, 10. David Balych, 11. Tyler Turnbull, 12. Dylon Smith, 13. Al Smith, 14. Paul Smith, 15. Ryan Fraser, 16. Chris Bauman. DNS..Chris Holman

Top Ten in Points for the Lucas Oil Can-Am Midgets as of June 14, 2014 are…1. MACK DEMAN…498, 2. Rob Neely…491, 3. Todd Cresswell…445, 4. Darren McLennan…421, 5. Lucas Smith…415, 6. Adrian Stahle…408, 7. Jeff Blackburn…406, 8. Adam Racine…386, 9. Ryan Fraser…379, 10. Daniel Bois…372.

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