Saturday, September 25, 2021

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OPR Staff and Fan Fantasy Results for NNS at Road America

In a race filled with left turns, right turns, drivers getting knocked off course, strategy, and oh….rain? Yes, there was rain on Saturday afternoon at Road America and yes, the drivers did race in it. Can you say holy interesting amazing racing?

Getting back to the matters at hand, it was Brendan Gaughan that survived all that and played the right cards to pick up his first Nationwide Series career victory in the Gardner Denver 200 fired by Johnsonville.

Now who picked the right drivers to survive the chaos?


The Picks

Ashley McCubbin picked Chase Elliott, Alex Tagliani and Sam Hornish Jr. Elliott came back to finish fourth following a blown motor in Friday’s practice that left him without any practice laps. Alex Tagliani finished second despite restarting 22nd on the green-white-checkered due to running out of fuel. Hornish Jr. finished 12th after losing six spots along the last lap due to damage. Points: 40+43+34=117

Tayler Stiles picked Chase Elliott, Sam Hornish Jr. and Dylan Kwasniewski. Kwasniewski ran into transmission issues, resulting in a 26th place finish. Points: 40+34+18=92

Kreistina Blinova picked Jeffrey Earnhardt, Landon Cassill and Elliott Sadler. Earnhardt finished 23rd following a last lap wreck. Cassill finished eighth, with Sadler in ninth. Points: 21+36+35=92

Ronald Costigan picked Kenny Habull, Alex Tagliani and Sam Hornish Jr. Habul finished 14th after a couple off-track excursions. Points: 30+43+34=107

Marshall Gabell picked Alex Tagliani, Dylan Kwasniewski and Sam Hornish Jr. Points: 43+18+34=85

Justin Tucker picked Chase Elliott, Alex Tagliani and Sam Hornish Jr. Points: 40+43+34=117

Kyle Magda picked Chase Elliott, Sam Hornish Jr. and Chris Buescher. Buescher finished 18th. Points: 40+34+26=100

Terry Wagner picked Elliott Sadler, Alex Tagliani and Sam Hornish Jr. Points: 35+43+34=112

Christina Cordner picked Brian Scott, Alex Tagliani and Sam Hornish Jr. Scott finished 16th after having to make a late race pit stop for fuel. Points: 28+43+34=105

Billy Stiles Jr. picked Chase Elliott, Regan Smith and Alex Tagliani. Smith finished 13th. Points: 40+31+43=114

Billy Zardo picked Ty Dillon, Chase Elliott and Sam Hornish Jr. Dillon finished 19th. Points: 25+40+34=99

Robert Hill picked Ty Dillon, Kenny Habull, Sam Hornish Jr. Points: 25+30+34=89

Joni Stiles picked Ty Dillon, Regan Smith and Chase Elliott. Points: 25+31+40=96

Tyler Sontag picked Chase Elliott, Alex Tagliani and Sam Hornish Jr. Points: 40+43+34=117

Jeni Harris picked Chase Elliott, Alex Tagliani and Sam Hornish Jr. Points: 40+43+34=117


Road America Results

  1. Ashley McCubbin, Tyler Sontag, Jeni Harris and Justin Tucker – 117
  2. Billy Stiles Jr. – 114
  3. Terry Wagner – 112
  4. Ronald Costigan – 107
  5. Christina Cordner – 105
  6. Kyle Magda – 100
  7. Billy Zardo – 99
  8. Joni Stiles – 96
  9. Tayler Stiles and Kreistina Blinova – 92
  10. Robert Hill – 89
  11. Marshall Gabell – 85

Congratulations to Ashley McCubbin, Tyler Sontag, Jeni Harris and Justin Tucker on winning the Gardner Denver 200 fired by Johnsonville.


Nationwide Series Standings:

  1. Ashley McCubbin – 120+117=237
  2. Billy Stiles Jr. – 117+114=231
  3. Ronald Costigan – 120+107=227
  4. Tyler Sontag – 108+117=225
  5. Justin Tucker – 107+117=224
  6. Christina Corner – 115+105=220
  7. Billy Zardo – 118+99=217
  8. Kyle Magda – 116+100=216
  9. Joni Stiles – 116+96=212
  10. Tayler Stiles – 117+92=209
  11. (Points Leader Post Michigan) Marshall Gabell – 122+85=207
  12. Robert Hill – 111+89=200
  13. Terry Wagner – 87+112=199
  14. Jeni Harris – 76+117=193
  15. Kreistina Blinova – 76+92=168

Congratulations to Ashley McCubbin on taking over the Nationwide Series points lead. However, it’s certainly anybody’s race with how close it is as recognized by the shake-up that was seen.


Combined Standings

  1. Billy Stiles Jr. – 502+114=616
  2. Justin Tucker – 492+117=609
  3. (Points Leader Post Michigan) Kyle Magda – 505+100=605
  4. Ronald Costigan – 492+107=599
  5. Ashley McCubbin – 456+117=573
  6. Kreistina Blinova – 474+92=566
  7. Marshall Gabell – 464+85=549
  8. Tayler Stiles – 453+92=543
  9. Robert Hill – 450+89=539
  10. Christina Cordner – 426+105=531
  11. Tyler Sontag – 413+117=530
  12. Terry Wagner – 405+112=517
  13. Jeni Harris – 394+117=511
  14. Joni Stiles – 406+96=502
  15. Billy Zardo – 401+99=500

Congratulations to Billy Stiles Jr. on taking the Combined points lead, though only 11 points between him and now third-place picker Kyle Magda (who led after Michigan). Still, anything is possible as there’s still another battle of the road to happen.

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