Thursday, September 23, 2021

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Gary Elliott Report June 20th Race #11

We raced at the new Full Throttle Motor Speedway on Friday night. A fun track located south of Owen Sound, north of Mount Forest right on highway #6.

We had a good night of racing finishing 5th in both races and not putting a mark on our Modified. It was a fun night and though rain looked possible, it held off until all the races were over.

Bill Burrows was racing, who use to race stock cars back in the early 60’s. I watched Bill as a young teen and tonight was the first time I got to race again him in my 46 year career. He is a great person with a wonderful family.

Coming Soon

Our next race event is June 28th and 29th at Sunset Speedway. If the weather is good our team will reach a milestone of 700 consecutive nights of racing without a miss. We want to say thank you to all those who have made it possible, my family, crew and of course Quaker State who had been with us through this streak. Quaker State has been with us long before the streak began but is the only sponsor to have been on our car for all 700 consecutive nights.

We will give away 500 Frisbees to the fans, other racers, Sunset Speedway, OSCAAR and CVM staff. We are also giving away 4 kids bikes, 2 girls and 2. Two are pictured below. The presentation to the fans and kids will be at 5:30 races start at 6:30

Giving back to fans, track promoters and sponsors, is an honor for all they’ve done over the years to make our sport continue to be exciting and successful. Please support your local race tracks and our sponsors whenever possible. Visit our site and click on the logo of both race tracks and our valued sponsors on the right side

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