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Spira – Post Race Update #2014-16 – July 12, 2014 Sauble Speedway

The Spira/Rockwood Roof Trusses and Components team headed to Sauble Speedway for the Sunset to Sauble Home and Home Series and a rare time that all four team cars were at the same track. Although it was the first time at the track for Samantha, Jake and Scott this season, Billy had logged in many laps, through four previous races and went into the event as the current points leader with win results at the last three features at the track. Scott missed the first of four practice sessions as he was having motor issues that were resolved by replacing the spark plugs and a carburetor adjustment and then only minor adjustments were required for all four cars as they set up to qualify.

Thirty five cars arrived for the combined Sauble/Sunset Series that would qualify through three 15 lap heat races, with the top six from each race qualifying for the feature and the final six would come from a last chance race to round out the field with 24, sending 11 cars home without running the feature. Jake was in the first heat, where he started 12th and finished 9th, resulting in him going to the last chance to qualify. Billy and Scott were both in the 2nd heat, where Scott started 3rd and finished 5th and Billy started 10th and finished 2nd. Samantha was in the final heat race where she started 3rd and finished 3rd to also qualify for the feature.

Jake started 7th in the last chance qualifier and after showing that he could make the outside lane work, finished 4th to qualify for the main event with the rest of the Spira/Lucas Oil team.

A combination of twenty four Sauble and Sunset cars lined up for the 25 lap feature with Billy closest to the front in 3rd, Samantha 9th, Scott 14th and Jake 22nd. After two early cautions on the first lap that did not involve any of the Spira/Wix Filters cars, the race went from green to checkered without another caution. After the first five laps, Billy moved up to take over 2nd as Scott gained five positions to get in front of Samantha, who was now in 10th and Jake also gained five positions to take over 17th. As they approached lap 10, Billy took over the lead up front as Samantha got by Scott to reverse their positions in 9th and 10th as Jake remained in 17th. Billy and his crew chief, once again had the #86 on rails going through the corners as he pulled away from the 2nd and 3rd place cars who were battling side by side for position. Billy caught the back of the field and made his way through lapped traffic to take the win, that his 4th in a row at the track as Samantha finished 8th, Scott 9th and Jake 17th.

Just prior to the feature, the team and their families gathered together in the pits, to wish Jake, Scott and Billy a common birthday as all three drivers had their birthdays this past week. Jake is growing up fast as he turned 13, Billy has hit the age of 21 and Scott 22. A special thank you goes out to Wendy Watson, who provided the cake for everyone to enjoy.

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