Sunday, September 19, 2021

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Tim Tolton finishes sixth at Capital City

OTTAWA – This week we traveled to Capital City Speedway in Ottawa Ontario. This Trip would not have been possible without the dedication of our crew and our sponsors. Thank you to Sam and Nanci of NEW GENERATION WOOD PRODUCTS INC , for their faith in us, Amsoil, Vinnies Mr.fix it, Twin City Auto parts, Franks Pioneer Transmission, Engines From Hal.

We left for Capital City after Tim raced Full Throttle Motor Speedway; we drove through the night and arrived in Ottawa around 6:30 am. When we got in the pits and unloaded the car, they started right away with all the checks and set up of the car.

The first practice would result in Tim feeling something wrong with the rear-end of the car. He came into the pits and the crew began to try and diagnose the problem. The gears had to come out and thanks to another team who loaned us their spare gears we were able to put them in and race. Tim was about the 6th car to go out and do his qualifying lap, he did a 19.25 unfortunately this would only be good enough for a 12 starting spot. Considering the lack of sleep and the ill handling car we were happy with the result.

The cars lined up in the front stretch for the start of what was going to be a fast pace race. The green flag was out and we were off. In the first lap Tim would jump up into the 8th spot but he was not happy with the car the chatter between him and his crew would bring him in to the pits on the first caution flag for a minor adjustment to the track bar. When Tim went back out the car was a bit better, but the car was still not one hundred percent. The green flew this time Tim would find himself in the last spot on the track so he knew he had his work cut out for him this adjustment did not help in any way. Having a faster car then the ones in front of him he had to pass and conserve the tires and breaks on the car.

He pulled to the highline of the track and took a chance as he was passing one of the cars he was squeezed high and just about hit the tires at pit lane head on and had to avoid a spinning car. This would allow them to bring the New Generation Monte Carlo back into the pits for yet another small adjustment to the track bar but with the breaks fading Tim was not able to give the car all it had going into the corner. He went in a little to hard and he ended up spinning out; this would put Tim back in the last spot so they figured a good time for another adjustment. With the laps winding down and not much the crew could do with such short time to adjust it was up to Tim to do what he does best. With 20 laps to go Tim was told now is go time so with what he had Tim would bring the Team a 6th place finish.

By: Donna Tolton

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