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Chad Eden no longer a one-track wonder with Sunset Speedway victory

“One track wonder, my ass,” were the words out of Chad Eden’s mouth in victory lane as the 2013 Sauble Speedway Champion proved that he can get it done anywhere, scoring the victory at Sunset Speedway on Saturday night.


2011 Sunset Speedway Champion Lane Zardo won the first heat ahead of Cayden Lapcevich, Eden, Matt Bentley, Joe Adams, Dan Archibald, Dennis Cybalski, Todd Davenport, Mike Weeda, Nick Tooley and Adam Martin.


The second heat was nuts as at one point, it was almost certain that half of the field was going to be wiped out in a turn one wreck after a pair of cars got sideways down the frontstretch. However, everybody kept it together without a spin or caution. Still, the contact was enough to cause Bobby Mercer issues, suffering a flat tire on lap five of 15. It also brought forth issues for Stan Coe as he locked them up big time heading into turn three with two to go, bringing out the caution and a green-white-checkered.


Paul Geniole Jr. would get the victory BARELY at the line over Ken Grubb while Randy Rusnell finished third with smoke trailing from the right rear. Ryan Semple finished fourth, followed by Steve Cashmore, Johnny Morrison, Tyler Liscum, Chris Howse, Coltin Everingham and Ron Lawrence.


To set the back off the field, there’d be a b-main, which saw Ron Lawrence pick up the win ahead of Coe, Tooley and Martin.


Come feature time, it’d be Steve Cashmore starting on pole – but he wouldn’t stay there as Dan Archibald took the lead on the drop of the green in his No. 07 Steve’s Towing, Wix Filters, Handyman With Pickup Super Stock while Cashmore battled with Joe Adams for second. Adams would grab the spot on lap two, bringing Matt Bentley and Chad Eden through with him.


At the front of the field, Adams would get alongside Archibald for the lead and the pair battled back and forth till Adams was able to slip past just before the first caution of the feature came out due to Ryan Semple having heavy front end damage. The damage occurred when Randy Rusnell would push up into him, trying to pinch a three-wide deal with Cayden Lapcevich. Semple would display his displeasure with Rusnell before being towed off of the track. With 30 laps to go, Adams now led in his No. 00 First Choice Automotive, Tri County Mobile Power Wash, Owen Sound Quik Lube, Sauble Falls Tent and Trailer, MacDonnell Fuels, Chatty Carwash and Storage, Jason Legge Co-operators, John Thompson Movers and MacKinnon Plumbing & Heating Super Stock. Archibald ran second ahead of Bentley, Eden, Cashmore, Lapcevich, Lane Zardo, Rusnell, Todd Davenport and Paul Geniole Jr.


Adams would get the advantage on the restart while Bentley and Archibald battled for second. Bentley would get by the spot on lap 11, bringing Eden through with him. Lapcevich would get alongside Archibald at lap 12 for fourth and the pair battled back and forth till lap 15 when Lapcevich was able to get clear.


Closer to the front, Eden continued his climb towards the front, getting alongside Bentley for second at lap 18, completing the pass at lap 22. Lapcevich solidly held down fourth while Archibald now raged battle with Rusnell for fifth. Their battle was brought to a hault when the caution flew on lap 25 for Mike Weeda spinning in turn two. With 15 laps to go, Adams led Eden, Bentley, Lapcevich, Rusnell, Archibald, Zardo, Geniole Jr., Davenport, Cashmore, Coe, Cybalski, Lawrence, Liscum, Howse, Everingham, Tooley, Weeda, Morrison and Grubb.


Adams would get the advantage once again on the restart with Bentley grabbing second, though the caution would come back out due to Howse spinning off of turn four and collecting Tooley.


The second attempt at a restart brought forth contact between Eden and Adams as Eden got into Adams, causing Adams to slide up the track. It worked into Matt Bentley’s favor as he was able to grab the lead at lap 27 while Lapcevich battled with Eden for second. Eden cleared Lapcevich at lap 29, while Adams ran solidly in fourth ahead of Rusnell as Archibald now battled with Geniole Jr. Archibald was able to hold off Geniole Jr. for sixth, while Zardo followed suit in eighth.


At the front of the field, Eden would chase down Bentley and stalk him for the lead, finally getting alongside with five laps to go. The pair would battle side-by-side for the final five laps of the 40 lap feature, with Eden barely getting the win at the line.


“That car was a total rocket today,” Eden commented in victory lane. Eden also added that he felt bad for the contact earlier in the race with fellow Sauble driver Joe Adams, but said that he did everything he could to get off of him before the contact was made.


Matt Bentley would finish second, followed by Cayden Lapcevich, Joe Adams, Randy Rusnell, Dan Archibald, Paul Geniole Jr., Steve Cashmore, Stan Coe and Dennis Cybalski. Todd Davenport finished 11th, followed by Lane Zardo, Ron Lawrence, Mike Weeda, Coltin Everingham, Tyler Liscum, Nick Tooley, Johnny Morrison and Chris Howse.

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