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OPR Staff and Fan Fantasy Picks for NCWTS at Bristol Motor Speedway

Unfortunately, NASCAR fans won’t get to see the trucks under the lights as they expected as the UNOH 200 presented by ZLOOP has been postponed till Thursday at 10 a.m. EST. Still, our fantasy pickers have placed their picks for the race as they try and score as many points as they can towards the 2014 Pick Championships.


Ashley McCubbin picked Kyle Busch and Matt Crafton. Busch has won each that he has entered this season – well, except last weekend at Michigan. Crafton is Mr. Consistency and should be able to post a solid finish on Thursday.

Tayler Stiles did not file her picks so she has Ryan Blaney and Matt Crafton. Ryan would post a 14th in qualifying, and has finished in the top 10 in both Bristol starts.

Kreistina Blinova did not file her picks so she has Ron Hornaday and John Hunter Nemechek. Hornaday’s experience will lead to him surviving the chaos that Bristol is known for, while John Hunter Nemechek has been solid in each of his NCWT starts to date.

Ronald Costigan picked Kyle Busch and Darrell Wallace Jr. After shaking off a poor start to the 2014 season, Darrell Wallace Jr. has been on a roll in posting solid finishes on a weekly basis.

Marshal Gabell did not file his picks so he has Kyle Larson and Erik Jones which becomes Ben Kennedy and Kyle Busch. Kennedy has had a solid season for a rookie, with consistent solid finishes all year.

Justin Tucker picked Timothy Peters and Kyle Busch. Peters has always been great at Bristol, as he dominated one year en route to winning, while losing in dramatic fashion to Kyle Busch last year. Qualifying didn’t go his way, though, as he qualified 20th.  

Kyle Magda picked Timothy Peters and Kyle Busch. 

Terry Wagner picked Brad Keselowski and Matt Crafton. Keselowski has yet to win a truck race, but knows how to find himself on a weekly basis.

Christina Cordner picked Ryan Blaney and Darrell Wallace Jr. 

Billy Stiles Jr. did not file his picks so he will have Ben Kennedy and Ron Hornaday. 

Robert Hill did not file his picks so he will have Ryan Blaney and Kyle Larson which becomes Ryan Blaney and Ben Kennedy. 

Joni Stiles did not file her picks so she will have Erik Jones and Johnny Sauter which becomes Kyle Busch and Johnny Sauter. Sauter is the current points leader, and has two top-five finishes in six starts at Bristol.

Tyler Sontag did not file his picks so he will have Erik Jones and Matt Crafton which becomes Kyle Busch and Matt Crafton. 

Jeni Harris picked Ryan Blaney and Darrell Wallace Jr.

Truck Standings

  1. Ashley McCubbin – 432+83=515
  2. Terry Wagner – 427+83=510
  3. Joni Stiles – 422+87=509
  4. Kreistina Blinova – 425+75=500
  5. Tyler Sontag – 414+83=497
  6. Tayler Stiles – 427+67=494
  7. Christina Cordner – 432+59=491
  8. Marshall Gabell – 412+68=490
  9. Ronald Costigan – 404+83=487
  10. Billy Stiles Jr. – 415+66=481
  11. (Points Leader Post Iowa) Robert Hill – 432+49=481
  12. Kyle Magda – 411+69=480
  13. Jeni Harris – 377+78=455
  14. Justin Tucker – 390+64=454


Combined Points Standings


  1. (Points Leader Post NCWTS Michigan) Ronald Costigan – 2501+123=2624
  2. (Points Leader Post NSCS Pocono) Kyle Magda – 2497+115=2612
  3. Ashley McCubbin – 2476+125=2601
  4. Billy Stiles Jr. –2365+118=2483
  5. Marshall Gabell – 2381+101=2482
  6. Tyler Sontag – 2393+84=2477
  7. Jeni Harris –2375+80=2455
  8. Justin Tucker – 2364+77=2441
  9. Terry Wagner – 2311+114=2425
  10. Joni Stiles –2369+51=2420
  11. Tayler Stiles – 2325+89=2414
  12. Robert Hill – 2276+117=2393
  13. Christina Cordner – 2288+101=2389
  14. Kreistina Blinova – 2115+123=2238
  15. Billy Zardo – 2143+82=2225

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