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Spira Racing – Post Race Update #30 Aug 30, 2014 Sauble – Sunset – Flamboro Speedways

Samantha and Jake headed to Sunset Speedway after two weeks off from racing, Billy headed back to Sauble Speedway for the last night of the season at the track and Scott went to Flamboro Speedway along with Billy’s brother Rick in the #72 and Billy’s crew member Mark Dennis, who was racing the #2 car from Rick and Dave’s shop in Aberfoyle.

Flamboro Speedway: The #44 car was handling very well for Scott throughout the two practice sessions, and no changes were required prior to the autograph session for fan appreciation night and the first heat race, where he started 8th. The #44 quickly moved up to 3rd behind the #72, and #26 by the 4th lap and when the #26 got to the inside of the #72, Scott would follow through to finish 2nd. In the 2nd heat, Scott started on the pole and led the first 5 laps until he over drove the corner, allowing the #26 to get inside for a three lap, side by side race that had the #26 take the position. Scott tried a cross over move that didn’t work and he spun out to finish 9th.

In the feature, the #44 started 14th, and by lap 3, under the caution, had moved into 6th. Scott remained in 6th until he fell back one spot on lap 18, when he tried to get under the #03 for position and made contact, sending them both spinning into the infield. No caution came out as the cars continued and Scott was able to hold on for an 8th place finish.

Sunset Speedway: Jakes night would end as soon as it started as he had a camshaft problem in the #88 during practice, causing damage to the engine and ending the night for the youngster from New Hamburg. Samantha’s car was tight all night as she started on the pole in her heat and finished 2nd to the #64, who was the points leader. In the dash for cash, Sam started 4th and would finish 3rd behind the #64 and the #79. The #81 machine started 4th in feature, and although she had a good battle with the #79 throughout the race, would finish where she started with a very tight race car that may have something bent from the last wreck at the speedway. Big thanks to Jeff Lapcevich and family for offering Jake a car to drive although timing and preparation did not allow Jake to qualify the car.

Sauble Speedway: The #86 team arrived at Sauble Speedway and as they did, so did the rain. Being the last night of the season, the track was keeping a close eye on the weather and
figured they had a window between rain storms to get the event in, so the team sat in the truck until it stopped. After drying the track, Billy did get out for three practice sessions that
were used to adjust the carburetor as the car itself was handling very well with the previous weeks setup in it despite the additional penalty weight. The rules state that every winning car must put in 25 pounds for each feature win except for the first one, so with 6 wins, the #86 had 125 extra pounds of lead bolted in the car. With a 13 point lead over the #36, Billy lined up for the first of two heat races behind the #34, #46 and #36. By the 2nd lap, Billy had cleared all three cars in front of him where he stayed for the win and in order to speed up the event, the track took their checkered flag pictures in the pit area. For the second heat, the #86 would start 6th, and after running side by side with the #36 as they moved through the field, Billy fell in behind him into 2nd. At the half way point, the #34, who was leaking oil on the track, spun on the front stretch and as the leaders came through turn four, Billy hit the brakes to avoid the stopped car and spun into the infield. Once the oil was cleaned up, Billy would restart at the back of the field and with the car handling very well, was able to work his way up to 3rd by the final lap and took over 2nd as he crossed the line in a side by side battle with the #36. The rain returned for a lengthy delay, and then in front of a very large crowd that stayed despite the weather, the cars lined up in the order that they stood in the points prior to the nights race. Billy started on the pole as the points leader, however it was the #36 who would lead the first lap. Billy ran on the back bumper of the #36 for the first seven laps until he was able to regain the lead up front. As the race ran caution free, the #86 ran out front with the #17 on his tail, however Billy would drive flawlessly throughout the remainder of the race to pick up his 7th win at the track and be crowned the 2014 track champion.

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