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Spira Racing Post Race Update #33 September 20, 2014 Barrie Speedway – Flamboro Speedway

Barrie Speedway:Billy and the #86 crew arrived at Barrie Speedway with a threat of rain in the air for the Gary Reynolds Memorial Invitational. After the practice sessions that were used to adjust the car for a push condition going into the corners and Billy getting valuable seat time to get accustomed to driving the odd track configuration, as it was the first time that he had driven the track, it started to rain and the team took shelter in their trailer.

After the rain stopped and the track was dried, Billy lined up at the back of the first of two heat races in 12th. The #86 gained one position in each of the first few laps and by the half way mark, Billy had worked his way up to 5th behind two cars running side by side for position in front of him. Through the final laps, although Billy seemed to have a faster car than the two cars running in front of him, he had no room to get by and finished 5th.

The second heat was an inversion of the first and that put the #86 in the pole position beside the #35. The #35 moved out front on the first lap and Billy kept pace as the two cars moved well ahead of the field. Although Billy was not gaining on the #35, he was not losing any ground as the two ran very fast laptimes throughout the caution free race to the finish with Billy 2nd.

Shortly after the heat races were complete for the three classes in attendance, the rain returned. Although it did eventually stop and the track was once again dried and readied for racing, the rain returned as the Late Models were on the track, warming up to start their feature. With much more rain on its way according to the radar, the track announced that the evenings event was cancelled and that the season was concluded for the track. After packing up and picking up a minimal pay that was given to each team in attendance, the disappointed #86 team headed home without the opportunity to run the feature event at the speedway.

Flamboro Speedway: Scott arrived at Flamboro Speedway, where they were also threatened with rain throughout the evening. The #44 was handling very fell throughout the practice sessions with only one adjustment required for a minor push condition.

Scott lined up in the 3rd starting position for the first of two heat races, fell back to 4th early, and would finish there, behind the #97, #71 and #13. Scott experienced trouble with the carburetor as it started to flutter at the end of the straightaways, costing him the momentum required to catch the front runners. A carburetor adjustment was made and as the cars were lined up for the second heat race, it started to rain, causing just a short delay. Scott lined up to start 3rd and this time he was able to keep up with the leaders, moving into 2nd at the half way point, where he ran behind the #71 to the finish.

The #44 started 6th in the 18 car field and by lap four, Scott had fallen back to 10th before he was able to get into the inside lane and start moving forward. As the race continued under green and the leaders pulled ahead of the field, Scott raced his way back up to 5th and was nose to tail with the #26 and #50 for 15 straight laps before they all passed the #03 to move Scott into 4th where he would finish.

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