Monday, September 20, 2021

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PREVIEW: Four Fun Autumn Colors Classic 40 at Peterborough Speedway

A lot of people look towards the Four Fun division and think, ‘Slowest division, not the best looking performing cars….whatever’. However, the division is a true racing division and serves a true purpose.


For starters, it’s not as expensive as running any of the other divisions. For that reason, drivers that want to get a shot at it and not a spend a ton of money know that this is the spot for them to go. That’s why many veterans find themselves at this level, knowing that any division beyond goes beyond their budget.


It’s also a good division to start off a young racecar driver in – say beginning teen years – to develop them without spending a ton of money. Then if they show promise and want to stick with it, you can increase the dollar and move them up; perhaps you’d also have some sponsors by then willing to help to. The formula has proven to work over the years as 2013 AC Champion James Townsend, 2012 AC Champion Neil Hannah and 2011 AC Champion Nick Lees each moved up to the Mini Stock ranks and had success at that level as well.


So with that said, there’s a promising list of drivers young and old that you should keep your eye on.


Tiffany Vanderbelt is hoping that she has better luck this year than she has had the previous two years, as she has missed finishing in the top 10 both years despite showing some promise. She also had a solid year at Peterborough this year, finishing sixth in points. She will be joined by Matt Vanderbelt, who is hoping to have some success after finishing third in Peterborough’s points.


Brandon Freeney had one of the most interesting incidents this year that saw him go up on the nose of his car. He will also be hoping for a good run after finishing eighth in points.


Kenny Ohno Jr. is hoping to have better luck this year after getting caught up in a wreck during last year’s event. If the pieces come together, he may be able to top his dad’s third place finish from last year.


Andrew Massey has improved with each Autumn Color’s appearance, finishing 12th in 2012 before finishing fourth last year. Is this the year that he makes it on the podium? Another driver who has shown improvement with each start is Jeff Foresey, who finished 10th last year after finishing 13th in 2012. The trend of getting stronger with each appearance also extends to Ray Schroer, who is looking for his first AC top-five after finishing 11th in 2011, ninth in 2012 and sixth last year. He comes off a strong season at Peterborough Speedway that saw him finish second in points.


2014 Peterborough Speedway Four Fun Champion Willow Barberstock is hoping to add a AC crown to her collection after posting a eighth place finish last year, that followed a 16th place finish in 2012.


Another driver who had a solid year this year at Autumn Colors is Sean Kennedy, as he finished fifth in points this past season.


Other drivers that have pre-registered are Corey Gates, Jeremy Kelly, Eric Kearnes, Keith Parkes and and Terry Hubert. However, there are more drivers than listed to be expected to show, producing a solid show for the fans top to bottom.

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