Sunday, September 19, 2021

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OSCAAR: Brent McLean tops Hanover Holiday Modified Autumn Colors Classic qualifying

With the championship almost set in stone, Gary McLean is set to chase his third straight Autumn Colors Classic Championship. Of course, to win, he needs to have a good qualifying spot, considering he isn’t one of the two drivers locked in the front row. Chase for the Colors winner Max Beyore has that honor, with Davey Terry in second. So with that said, qualifying for the modifieds on Friday and Saturday was busy.


It didn’t go as Daniel Bois would’ve hoped as he would have a flat tire. Richard Warnes didn’t have luck either, going for a spin in turn two. Then on the restart, Warnes would spin Drew Stieler around. Brent McLean went on to score the victory ahead of Beyore, Cory Horner, Stieler and Warnes.


The second heat didn’t go smoothly, either, with the 67 going for a spin in turn two. Gary McLean picked up the victory ahead of Matt Barton, Ryan Dick, Tommy Robb and the 67.


The third heat would bring a tangled mess in turns three and four involving Erin McLean, Chad Strawn and John Harper, which would result in Harper climbing the wall. Gary Elliott would pick up the heat win ahead of Nick Lees, Dustin Jackson, Strawn, Mike Hearty and Erin McLean.


Brent McLean would go for the daily double ahead of Bois, Horner, Beyore, Terry Baker, Stieler and Warnes.


Matt Barton would pick up the win in heat five ahead of Gary McLean, Dick, Brian McLean, Dean Scott, the 67 and Robb.


The final heat would feature a huge wreck when Mike Hearty would be turned into the outside frontstretch wall by Lees. Lees would be blackflagged for rough driving, while Hearty will be left having to redo the clip on his brand new modified as this was the first event for him with the car. Dustin Jackson picked up the win ahead of Strawn, Elliott and Erin McLean.

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