Friday, September 17, 2021

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ST: ‘Pops’ MacDonald tops Four Fun Autumn Colors Classic qualifying

While they may not be the top speed division of the weekend at Peterborough Speedway, the four funs are certainly exciting to watch with them sliding every which direction around the track. That played true during qualifying with excitement at every turn.


The first heat would see Ray Smith go for a spin in turn four, collecting John Carr. Sean Kennedy picked up the victory ahead of Jeff Scott, Tiffany Vandebelt, the 347, Connor Parkes, Matthew Vandebelt, Carr and the 90.


The second heat saw the 0 get into Scott Brooks, with Brooks making the save to keep on going. Daniel Williams would then get into Willow Barberstock, with Barberstock turning Williams on the last lap for the blackflag for rough driving. Griffin Powell picked up the victory ahead of Brooks, the 0, Keith Parkes, the 3, the 00, Jordan Desroches and Barberstock.


The third heat would be won by ‘Pops’ MacDonald ahead of Andrew Massey, the 99, Marilyn Junkin, Jeremy Kelly, Brandon Feeney, the 81 and Kenny Ohno Jr.


The fourth heat didn’t start off pretty, with Scott and Carr making contact on the exit of turn four to bring out the caution at lap two. Tiffany Vandebelt would barely edge Matthew Vanderbelt at the line to grab the win. Kennedy finished third, followed by Scott, Connor Parkes, the 347 and Smith.


Willow Barberstock would bounce back from her troubles in the first round to win the fifth heat ahead of Williams, Powell, Keith Parkes, the 0, Desroches and Brooks. Parkes would be blackflagged post-race as he got together with Desroches off of turn four coming to the checkered flag.


‘Pops’ MacDonald would go for the daily double ahead of Kelly, Massey, the 81, the 99, Junkin and Freeney.

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