Friday, September 17, 2021

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ST: An array of drivers score Autumn Colors Classic Thunder Car heat victories

One of the craziest, hardest racing divisions and most contact filled, the Super Stocks always deliver on excitement on each given lap. The same could said about qualifying for their 50 lap feature as every spot counts towards starting further towards the front.


It all started with Sauble Speedway driver Joe Adams winning the first heat ahead of the 37, Ryan Semple, Vaughn Lawrence, Luke Gignac, John Baker Jr., Cayden Lapcevich, Jordan Latimer, Bruce Wheller, Dan Archibald and Tom Podd.


The second heat would see Ken McNicol fly off the track, out the turn one opening, as he totally missed the corner. Then on the restart, Mike Wallace would spin off of turn two, as a result of contact from Matt Bentley; Mike Meyer would go for a spin behind them. Bentley would be done for the heat with drive shaft issues. The 01 picked up the win ahead of Todd Davenport, Daryl Fice, Todd Musker, Dan Price, McNicol, Craig Scott, Wallace, Meyer and the 26.


The first time they tried to start heat three, it didn’t go smoothly as Shawn Chenoweth would jump the start. When they threw the yellow to slow down the field, Andrew Swindells would spin Coltin Everingham, collecting Willie Reyns. The second restart attempt saw Adam Misener hit the frontstretch wall, done for the race. Chenoweth picked up the victory ahead of Geniole Jr., the 99, Swindells, Howie Crowe, Steve Cashmore, Dennis Cybalski, Reyns, Everingham and Mike Weeda.


John Baker Jr. would win the fourth heat ahead of Lapcevich, Lawrence, Semple, Latimer, Gignac, Adams, 37, Podd, Archibald and Wheller.


The fifth heat wouldn’t start off well with Wallace going for a spin on lap three. Fice would pick up the win ahead of Davenport, McNicol, Musker, Meyer, Price, the 01, Bentley, Scott, Wallace and the 26.


Mike Weeda wouldn’t have his qualifier go as he wanted as he’d get into the turn three wall all by himself on lap three. Howie Crowe would pick up the victory ahead of Cybalski, Reyns, Chenoweth, Cashmore, Geniole Jr., Misener, the 99, Swindell, Everingham and the 38.


A b-main would have to run to help set the field and send some cars home as a result of the high car count. The No. 38 car wouldn’t have the weekend that he wanted, pulling down pit road at lap nine with mechanical issues. Matt Bentley would pick up the win ahead of Misener, Wheller, Wallace, Tom Podd, Everingham and Slaughter.


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