Friday, September 17, 2021

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ST: Andy Kamrath scores Autumn Colors Classic Mini Stock 50 victory

Following his DQ at Sunset Speedway’s Velocity, Andy Kamrath headed to Peterborough Speedway looking for redemption in the form of a victory. He’d get it as he’d win the Autumn Colors Classic Mini Stock 50 on Sunday afternoon. It marks his fifth big event of the year, going along with the Spring Derby, Frequent Flyer 50 and both rounds of the Mini Stock Nationals.


Tyler Junkin and Doug Butler would start on the front row virtue of their one-two finish in the Chase for the Colors event with Ryan Babin starting third, followed by Ryan Oosterholt, Andy Kamrath, Kevin Strutt, Charlie Smith, John Van Dyk, Brandon Hannah, Brandt Graham, Casey Cavanagh, Craig Kamrath, Billy Schwartzenburg, Bryan Sudsbury, Hudson Nagy, Chad Corcoran, Gehrig Halliday, Miles Tyson, Danny Benedict, Ken Townsend, Trevor Hemingway, Terry Woodley, James Townsend, the 3k, Warren Paxton, Tim Tolton, Dave Watchorn, Dan Demers, Gil Brooks and Nick Clarke.


The drama would start immediately down the backstretch as Graham, Craig Kamrath, Hannah and Sudsbury would end up four-wide off of turn two. Graham was able to squeeze ahead of the group while Sudsbury would continue to slide up the track, squeezing Hannah out and then sending Kamrath up into the outside wall. The result would be Kamrath climbing up on the wall, before going for the ride of his life, including back-end in air, down the backstretch before landing close to turn three. A 35-photo series of the accident can be viewed here: Kamrath would be uninjured, however done for the afternoon.


The second attempt at starting the 50 lap feature would be clean and green with Junkin holding the advantage over the field while Van Dyke would head down pit road on lap three. Other cars would unfortunately suffer mechanical issues, with Halliday pitting at lap 13, followed by Townsend at lap 20. The entire time, Junkin continued to lead the field, putting cars a lap down, avoiding trouble at each turn. Though he didn’t have it easy with Babin right on his rear bumper as the 2014 Peterborough Speedway Champion moved into second during the early laps. Babin would tap Junkin’s bumper a couple of times through turns three and four, with Junkin able to keep it straight and going each time.


However, on lap 24, the story wasn’t the same. Babin would once again get into Junkin, casuing both cars to slide up the track. Junkin would save it and escape without damage, while Babin would get into the turn four wall and Benedict heavily, resulting in the front end being done on his ride. As a result, Babin would be done for the event, Benedict required a trip down pit road – while Junkin continued to lead. With 26 laps to go, Junkin led Andy Kamrath, Doug Butler, Sudsbury, Hannah, Smith, Strutt, Townsend, Graham, Paxton, Schwartzenburg, Corcoran, Tolton, Hemingway and Benedict.


The restart would bring forth a stellar battle for the lead between Junkin and Kamrath with the pair running side-by-side till the caution flew at lap 25 for Woodley spinning, collecting Hannah, Hemingway, Graham, Clarke, Strutt and Corcoran in the process, with Hannah climbing the side of Graham’s car. Woodley had help, though, as he was three-wide and received a tap from Smith. At the halfway mark, Junkin led Kamrath, Butler, Sudsbury, Townsend, Tyson, Oosterholt, Paxton, Corcoran, Schwartzenburg, Cavanagh, Tolton, Smith, Graham and Benedict. Watchorn ran as the first car one lap down, ahead of the 3k, Brooks, Demers, Woodley and Hemingway.


The race would go back green, but it wouldn’t go as Smith or Tolton hoped as they’d both have mechanical issues, heading down pit road on lap 36. Kamrath would search for a way by Junkin on the outside, though was unable to before the caution flew at lap 38 for Corcoran being spun by Cavanagh. With 12 laps to go, Junkin led Kamarath, Townsend, Sudsbury, Butler, Oosterholt, Paxton, Schwartzenburg, Tyson, Graham, Corcoran and Benedict.


Andy Kamrath would get a good restart with 10 laps to go and was able to clear Tyler Junkin to pick up the victory. James Townsend would finish third, ahead of Doug Butler, Bryan Sudsbury, Ryan Oosterholt, Warren Paxton, Miles Tyson, Billy Schwartzenburg, Brandt Graham and Danny Benedict. Chad Corcoran finished as the highest car one lap down in 12th, followed by Dave Watchorn, the 3k, Terry Woodley and Trevor Hemingway.

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