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Final 2014 Race Caps Best Season Since 1999; Quaker State Team Finish On A High

October 10th to 12th                                  Race #34

The Thanksgiving weekend at Peterborough Speedway was our final race of 2014 and was a great weekend for both our Late Model and Modified.  This was the 10th Autumn Colors we had been part of and it was our best weekend yet.

This was the first time we raced 2 cars for this event and both cars did very well.  Our Quaker State Late Model finished 7th in both heat races and was running 8th with 3 laps to go but got shuffled back on the final lap finishing just out of the top ten, taking 11th at the line.  The weather was beautiful with packed grandstands.
There was a Competition Yellow on lap 60 of the 114 lap feature for teams to make any adjustments needed.  Our car was fairly good, the boys gave me water.

Quaker State-Lincoln Welders-Modified Gets Win #6
Race Team Finishes 3rd…OSCAAR Modified  Standings

We got our 6th win in the Modified for 2014 and finished 3rd in our second heat race.  Our car was very fast all race weekend.   This gave us 7 for the season, our Late Model picked up a win at Sauble Speedway earlier in the year.

  • Raced 34 Nights…….7 Wins……3rd in OSCAAR Modified Points
  • 2nd in Full Throttle Mini Series Points…….Most wins since 2007
  • Best point finish since 1999

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