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Spira Racing – Post Race Update #37 October 18, 2014 Flamboro Speedway

Samantha, Billy and Jake arrived at Flamboro Speedway for the annual FrostFest event that was organized and Sponsored by London Recreational as the last event of the season for the Spira/Lucas
Oil Team. Scott was not in attendance as his car has been sold and although Scott will be around to help the team, he is getting more focused on his career, purchasing a new truck as well as saving for
his first home, putting racing on the back burner for a bit.

After the second practice session, Jake brought the #88 into the pits with the engine temperature climbing and then the upper rad hose ruptured. The crew went to work replacing the hose and diagnosing why the rad fan was not working, getting both issues resolved before the cars lined up for their time trials. The #35set the fast time early in the time trial session that would decide the top ten cars going into a dash for cash to set their starting order for the first of two 30 lap features. 37 cars in total arrived to qualify for the event and 27 cars would qualify for the 20 final positions through heat races. Billy bumped the #35 off the top of the leader board with his fast lap, however the #39 would bump Billy to 2nd as Samantha and Jake would go into the heat races.

In the dash for cash, Billy went out front on the first lap, followed by the #35 and #39 who made their way by him to put him 3rd for the remainder of the race and the win going to the #35. Samantha and Jake were in the same heat race with Sam starting 4th, Jake 5th and Billy’s brother Rick 11th. After multiple cautions with one of them involving Jake, that sent him too the back, Samantha maintained her position throughout the race to finish 4th, Jake worked his way through the field from the back to finish 6th and Rick finished 10th. With the top 8 out of each heat race qualifying into
the feature, Rick would run the last change race and finished 4th to qualify as the last place car to start in the feature.

First Feature: Billy starter 3rd, Sam 16th and Jake 20th but with multiple cations arriving early, both Samantha and Jake received damage and entered the pits for repairs from the multi car pile ups that took place in the first few laps. The field finally ran some green flag laps before the #37 slid through the infield, causing heavy damage to the clean up truck and destroying his car, bringing out the caution on lap 5. Billy remained 3rd for the restart, Samantha was 18th and Jake 20th and after Billy fell back to 5th, he worked his way by the #71 into 4th as Sam moved up to 14th and Jake to 17th as
they completed ten laps. The final caution free laps would finish with Billy maintaining his 4th place position, Samantha moved her way up to finish 11th and Jake finished 13th.

Second Feature: With an inversion for the 2nd feature, Jake would start 1st, Sam 3rd, Billy 10th and Rick 19th out of the remaining 28 cars. Jake and Sam fell back throughout the first ten laps and were running 14th and 12th as Billy moved his way by both his teammates into 8th. The first caution came just after the half way mark, bringing the scattered field back together. Billy restarted 4th, Sam 9th, Jake 14th and Rick 19th. The #39 spun in front of Billy on the 17th lap that would put Billy into 2nd for a restart beside the #41. As Billy was running side by side with the #41 for the lead, trouble in the middle of the field collected Jake and he was moved to 17th under the caution as Sam ran 8th and Rick 18th. Billy took over the lead on lap 18 and was pulling away from the #41 as the caution returned with only 5 laps remaining for the #71 who spun to a stop in turn 3. Billy moved out front to complete the final 5 laps for the win as Samantha gained two positions to finish 6th, however Jake was forced to pull into the pits with 4 laps remaining as damage to the front of the car damaged the rad fan and the car was overheating. After celebrating his 12th feature win of
the season for Billy and the #86 team, all teams gathered for the final trophies and many prizes that Mike Schmidt from London Recreation had gathered from many sponsors of the event. Combining the two features for total points, Billy was awarded 2nd place overall behind the #35, Samantha had a combined total that would place her 8th, Jake 14th and Billy’s brother Rick would finish 17th.

This concludes our 2014 race season, however we will keep you informed throughout the off season of team developments. We wish to take this time to thank our many sponsors, family members, friends and fans that have supported our team and drivers throughout the season as without you and your tremendous support, a successful racing program would not be possible……THANK YOU.

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