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ST: Mark Watson & Kevin Allen Win 100 Lap Features At Flamboro Speedway

By Randy Spencer – Day Two of the final weekend of racing got under way with Time Trials for the Lucas Oil Sportsman Cup Series and the sixth and final round of the APC Auto Parts Challenge series between Flamboro and Delaware Late Models on a cool but sunny afternoon.

LOSC (presented by Meineke) had 15 cars go out for time trials and points leader Shawn McGlynn set the fast time of 16.546, narrowly missing his Flamboro track record for the LOSC which was 16.369 set two years ago. 19 Late Models were set to set fast times and when all was said and done, Jamie Cox set down the fast lap at 15.640.

The fields were set for the LOSC and APC 100 Late Model race. The Ontario Sportsman and Pro 4 Modifieds were on hand as well. Dwight Brown and Nick Lees won heat races for the Ontario Mods. while Brian Nanticoke took the heat race for the Pro 4’s.

After a brief intermission, the Lucas Oil Sportsman did their normal draw for top five positions, the “Fast Five” with a twist. Today was the “Elite Eight” and it shook up the starting order. After qualifying the order was 81, 24, 54, 6, 82, 18, 48 & 93. After the pre-race draw it looked this way…6, 81, 82, 24, 48, 93, 8 & 54. The green flag dropped and the first caution came on lap 10 when the 18 of Chad McGlynn went off. The cars then ran for almost 70 laps caution free. On the 87th lap, the 24 of “Mr. Highside”, Brennan Didero was running a fine race but his car caught fire heading into turn one and the red flag came out as emergency vehicles rushed to extinguish the flames. When the race resumed, the 81 of McGlynn who had pretty near lapped the entire field, wasn’t able to hold off Kevin Allen and the 54 car shot out to inherit the lead. Allen was able to hold off the pack for the last ten laps for his first career LOSC win. Shawn McGlynn was
crowned the 2014 LOSC points champion.

The Pro 4 Modifieds were up next for their feature finale of 2014. Aaron Turkey and Stan Pokupec were on the pole for this one. Pokupec, Turkey and Houghton battled for the entire race but the crafty veteran Pokupec held off the youngsters for his first feature win this year. Congratulations Stan!! The Ontario Modifieds were up to put the wraps on their 2014 campaign. Ryan Dyck and Alex Lees led 11 cars to green. Dyck led from wire to wire to pick up the feature win.

The last race of the night was the 100 lap main event and final race of the APC Auto Parts Flamboro/Delaware Challenge. Rick Burbridge and Shawn Thompson were on the pole after a dice roll and inversion of 11. The race started well and the cars settled in for a long race. The first caution came on lap 28 when the 23 of Shawn McGlynn and 96 of Dan Prudhomme got involved in turn four. A few laps later the 74 of Al Bowman climbed the wall in turn four just narrowly missing the flagman. At this point Thompson was in the lead followed by Burbridge, Matt Box and Mark Watson. On the restart, the 83 of Dale Shaw and 15 of Matt Lockwood got tangled on the front stretch bringing another caution. On the second restart Lockwood got mixed up again, this time with the 61 of Brent Wheller. Lockwood went off on the hook. A couple laps later another caution and leader, Shawn Thompson headed to the pits. He made it back on as the green was to fly, but now was at the rear
of the field. A bad start saved Thompson and he didn’t lose any laps. As the race neared halfway, Mark Watson was in the lead followed by Matt Pritiko and “Quietstorm” Jamie Cox. They began to distance themselves from the pack. On lap 65, something appeared to brake on the 72 of Thompson sending him hard into the turn one wall and his APC championship hopes were dashed. Shawn McGlynn had some more woes as he hit the wall on lap 67. The next lap as David Elliott and Dale Shaw were heading down the front stretch, sparks flew they came together and both cars went hard into the turn one wall. On the restart, Mark Watson took the lead and the 21 of Pritiko was shuffled back to fourth. A caution on lap 88 as Justin Demelo went around coming out of turn two. Cautions once again breeded cautions…the 56 of Robbie Thompson went around coming out of turn four. One lap later the 27 of Mat Box, who was running very well to that point, climbed the wall and came to
a stop bringing out another caution. The final six laps were very exciting and when the checkered flag fell it was the #3 of the “St. Thomas Express” Mark Watson crossing the line first giving him the overall APC Late Model championship.

That put the wraps on a very exciting season of racing at Flamboro Speedway. The staff would like to thank all the drivers, crews and fans who made it one of the most exciting in quite some time. We look forward to seeing you all back in April 2015.

Official Results

Ontario Modifieds Heat #1 – #61 Dwight Brown, #95 Rob Warnes, #26 Terry Baker, #88 Ryan Dyck, #98 Rick Warnes, #65 Chris Burrows, #14 Kevin Jobe (DNS)

Ontario Modifieds Heat #2 – #09 Nick Lees, #07 Alex Lees, #77 Chad Strawn, #62 Randy Hollingsworth, #90 Willow Barberstock

Ontario Modifieds Feature – #88 Ryan Dyck, #07 Alex lees, #09 Nick Lees, #95 Rob Warnes, #62 Randy Hollingsworth, #26 Terry Baker, #90 Willow Barberstock, #98 Rick Warnes, #61 Dwight Brown (DNF), #65 Chris Burrows (DNF), #77 Chad Strawn (DQ)

Pro 4 Modified Heat – #9 Brian Nanticoke, #33 Tom Houghton, #68 Aaron Turkey, #93 Dan Petit, #17 Stan Pokupec, #15 Keith Dempster, #23 Linc Erison, #63 Mark Lucas (DNF), #8 Ryan Hunsinger (DNF)

Pro 4 Modified Feature – #17 Stan Pokupec, #68 Aaron Turkey, #33 Tom Houghton, #93 Dan Petit, #9 Brian Nanticoke, #15 Keith Dempster, #23 Linc Erison, #63 Mark Lucas (DNF), #8 Ryan Hunsinger (DNF)

Lucas Oil Sportsman Cup Feature – #54 Kevin Allen, #81 Shawn McGlynn, #82 Dave Connelly, #45 Kevin Trevellin, #93 Jason Meyer, #3 Tim Tolton, #48 Doug Cathcart, #8 Adam martin, #43 Bob Merrifield, #85 Mike Nelson, #12 Mark Patrick, #6 Jermey Coulter, #24 Brennan Didero (DNF), #31 John Schwemler (DNF), #66 Josh Wood (DNF), #18 Chad McGlynn (DNF)

Late Model Feature – #3 Mark Watson, #22 Jamie Cox, 321 Matt Pritiko, #17 Nick Roth, #82 Justin Demelo, #2 Rick Burbridge, #61 Brent Wheller, #58 Paul Dudnick, #23 Shawn McGlynn, #56 Robbie Thompson (DNF), #27 Mat Box (DNF), #83 Dale Shaw (DNF), #37 David Elliott (DNF), #72 Shawn Thompson (DNF), #36 Trevor Monaghan (DNF), #96 Dan Prudhomme (DNF), #74 Al Bowman (DNF), #15 Matt Lockwood (DNF), #52 Steve March (DNF)

LOSC Time Trials (fast lap)

#81 – 16.546
#24 – 16.551
#54 – 16.827
#6 – 16.849
#82 – 16.912
#18 – 16.956
#48 – 16.966
#93 – 16.995
#66 – 17.090
#45 – 17.122
#85 – 17.182
#43 – 17.221
#31 – 17.280
#8 – 17.439
#12 – 17.528

Late Model Time Trials (fast lap)

#22 – 15.640
#83 – 15.665
#56 – 15.746
#3 – 15.749
#37 – 15.821
#23 – 15.822
#17 – 15.825
#27 – 15.937
#61 – 15.971
#82 – 16.015 *
#72 – 16.032
#2 – 16.215
#21 – 16.280
#15 – 16.417
#52 – 16.588
#96 – 16.591
#58 – 16.924
#74 – 16.755
#36 – 16.818

*- last re:weight issue

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