ST: Andy Kamrath Top Qualifier for Velocity 250 Mini Stock 35 Presented by MRE at Sunset Speedway

Photo Credit: Ashley McCubbin

After winning the 35-lap feature on championship night at Sunset Speedway, Andy Kamrath kept the good momentum going as he was the top qualifier for Sunday’s 35-lap feature as part of the Velocity 250 presented by McColl Racing Enterprises

The afternoon started off with Peter Wakeling going for a quick spin on lap three. Sunset Speedway regular Andy Kamrath picked up the win ahead of KP Motorsports teammate Warren Paxton. Sauble Speedway’s Cory Young finished third ahead of APC United Late Model Series rookie Billy Schwartzenburg and 2015 Full Throttle Motor Speedway Champion Brandon Crumbie. Nic Montanari finished sixth, followed by Ryan Babin, Paul Boyd, Bob Phinnemore, Ryan Toon, Travis McLean, Gil Brooks, Wendy Adams and Wakeling. Wakeling would go for a second spin on the last lap.

Sunset Speedway regular Eric Yorke won the second heat ahead of 2015 Sunset Speedway Mighty Mini Champion Treyten Lapcevich and Gerrit Tiemersma. Sauble Speedway regular Craig Kamrath and Flamboro Speedway regular Blair Wickett rounded out the top-five, followed by Jake Watson, Kendra Adams, Dave Crumbie, Ken Townsend, Chandler Bos, Lisa DeLeeuw, Morgan Robson and Stefan Woyslaw.

The third heat would see a quick spin by Dunn in turn four. Then on the last lap, Charlie Smith would spin Tim Tolton, with Steve Laking getting collected; Tolton would pull off of the track.

Full Throttle Motor Speedway regular Bobby Tolton would edge out Sunset Speedway regular Brandon Mcferran at the line for the victory. APC United Late Model Series regular Steve Laking finished third driving Samantha Shaw’s car, followed by Sunset regulars Terry Woodley and Fred Jordan. Jason Tolton finished sixth, followed by Stefan Semeraro, Dunn, Scott Brooks and Robert Toope. Eric Rainey was also apart of this heat, but he pulled off with a mechanical issue.

Andy Kamrath went for the daily double ahead of teammate and Peterborough Speedway regular Ryan Babin, Sauble Speedway regular Paul Boyd, Sunset regular Ryan Toon and Brandon Crumbie. Paxton finished sixth ahead of Montanari, Phinnemore, McLean, Gil Brooks, Schwartzenburg and Wendy Adams.

The fifth heat saw a quick spin by Robson on lap four. Craig Kamrath picked up the win ahead of Wickett, Yorke, Tiemersma, Lapcevich, Watson, Dave Crumbie, Kendra Adams, Ken Townsend, Bos, DeLeeuw, Robson and Woyslaw.

Rainey would run into mechanical problems on lap two of the final heat. Terry Woodley picked up the win ahead of Jason Tolton, Laking, McFerran, Smith, Bobby Tolton, Tim Tolton, Semeraro, Jordan, Dunn, Jason Moss, Scott Brooks and Toope.

The Graham Landscape Ltd. Mini Stocks will return to the track on Sunday afternoon for a b-main to set the back half of the field, followed by a 75-lap feature. The afternoon/evening of racing gets underway at 1pm EST with Dickies OSCAAR Outlaws presented by London Recreational Racing qualifying starting off the show. Details can be found at