ST: Taylor Holdaway Top Qualifier for Velocity 250 Limited Late Model 75 at Sunset Speedway

Photo Credit: Ashley McCubbin

In a continuing trend this season at Sunset Speedway, Taylor Holdaway would secure the spot as top qualifier for the Velocity 250 presented by McColl Racing Enterprises with a pair of top-shelf performances in his heats.

2015 Sunset Speedway Late Model Track Champion Taylor Holdaway started off the afternoon in victory lane, winning the first heat ahead of fellow Sunset Speedway regulars Lane Zardo and Nick Goetz. 2015 Sauble Speedway Late Model Champion Josh Stade finished fourth ahead of fellow Sauble driver Jason Parker. Tom Walters finished sixth, followed by Brittney Gresel, Mike Wilkinson and Mike Westwood.

Sunset Speedway regular Chris Morrow won the second heat ahead of Scott Wylie, Marcus Keeler and Gord Shepherd. 2015 Ontario Legends Series Champion Nick Ledson finished fifth driving Dwayne Baker’s car, followed by Rick Walt, Thayne Hallyburton, Scott Beatty and Dario Capirchio.

Sauble Speedway regular Marvin Freiburger won the third heat ahead of Sunset regulars Travis Hallyburton, Billy Zardo and Ernie Fumerton. Sauble regular Tom Gibbons finished fifth ahead of Adam Martin and Frank Davey.

Sauble Speedway regular Jason Parker won the fourth heat ahead of Sunset regulars Holdaway and Walters. Stade finished fourth ahead of Goetz, Lane Zardo, Gresel, Wilkinson and Westwood. Stade was when blackflagged for rough driving after the race after making contact with Walters following the checkered.

The fifth heat would see Keeler break going into turn one. Gord Shepherd won the heat ahead of Sunset regular Thayne Hallyburton and Peterborough regular Rick Walt. Sunset regulars Morrow and Beatty finished out the top-five, ahead of Ledson, Wylie and Capirchio.

Billy Zardo won the final heat ahead of Travis Hallyburton, Freiburger, Fumerton, Gibbons, Martin and Davey.

The Sauble Falls Tent and Trailer Park Late Models will return to the track on Sunday afternoon for a b-main to set the back half of the field, followed by a 75-lap feature. The afternoon/evening of racing gets underway at 1pm EST with Dickies OSCAAR Outlaws presented by London Recreational Racing qualifying starting off the show. Details can be found at