ST: Flamboro Speedway Crowns 2015 Champions

By Randy Spencer – After two weeks of rainy weather, racing finally resumed at Bennett Chevrolet Flamboro Speedway. It was Championship Night and it was also Memorial Night. The five regular divisions were on hand and the Lucas Oil Canadian Vintage Modifieds were also on hand for their final race night of 2015, albeit a non points night.
The Pure Stocks were the first feature of the night. Twenty cars were signed in with Roger Lessard and Kyle Lusk on the pole. Crash Myers retired to the pits early as the car was smoking. On lap four as the cars were settling in, points leader Andy Wheller got involved with Caroline Kelly and Lessard. Lessard was shown the black flag and took up position at the rear of the field. Andy Wheller found his way back to the front and battled Peter Becker for the rest of the way. Becker continued to the lead the way and picked up the checkered flag. If you’re ever at the track, take a listen to the 59 car of Becker. Now that’s a race car.
The Thunder Cars were up next with seventeen cars in the field. So great to see this division get back to where it used to be. Earlier in the year car counts were lower than normal but nice to see the cars back out. Jeff Bean and Bobby Mercer led the field to green. Mercer and the “Flying Farmer” Kevin Gallant battled early. Shawn Chenoweth started half way back in the pack but found his way to the front by lap six and took the lead. A few cars retired to the pits half way through and by this time Chenoweth had a full straight away lead. On lap 18, the 24 car of Marty Monette seemed to have a tire go down and he made a quick right turn into the wall in 3-4. He was slow getting from the car and although some attention was required by medical staff, he would return later in the evening. On the restart, Chenoweth would regain the lead and hold off Shawn Arnott and Steve Ecker to pick up his first win of the night.
Mini Stocks were up and fifteen cars took the green. Jake Gilbert and Mark DaSilva were up front and some three wide action down the back stretch saw points leader Russ Aicken get spun and he went off on the hook. Not the way Russ wanted to get championship night underway. Jake Gilbert was leading and looking strong although Hudson Nagy was right on his tail. Shawn Taylor’s woes continued as he was smoking and had to retire to the pits on lap 14. As the checkered flag flew, Jake Gilbert picked up his first official Mini Stock feature win. Congratulations!!
The Late Models were up with a dozen cars signed in. David Elliott held a fourteen point lead over Dale Shaw. Shaw, just off the inaugural APC Late Model championship, didn’t make it out for this one so that pretty much gave Elliott the championship. Jordan Howse was out in the 56 Late Model for his first time, a track where is dad Paul became famous. Howse showed some early race jitters as he spun out of two on the first lap. As the night wore on however, he looked very comfortable and will be a good one. Steve Cashmore led from the start and would do so until lap eight when Shawn Chenoweth made his way by, took the lead and would hold it for the rest of the way picking up win number two on the night.
The Pro 4 Modifieds were up for their 10 lap heat race. Brian Nanticoke led early. A spin by Dan Nanticoke and Chris Lebarron on lap 6 in 3-4 brought out the caution. The green came out again and Brian Nanticoke led and picked up the win.
The Canadian Vintage Modifieds took to the track with eleven cars ready to go for a Twin 20 non points event. Dustin Hood and Cassidy March led and battled early. The two cars came up on the 09 on lap seven as the came through 3-4. The two cars split and went round and almost caused catastrophe. The 11 car of Brad Robertson came to a stop on the front stretch on lap 15 bringing out the caution. Jason Keen would take over the lead and as the cars were on their final lap, Hood got sideways and a serious crash was avoided but Brad Perry and John Karley both slid along with Hood around and through the infield making some slight contact. Keen, 2015 Points Champion would pick up the victory.
At intermission, we celebrated and remembered all the names of yesterdays legends and heroes. A few more names were added this year including Harvey Lennox, Earl Ross, Nick Lapcevich, Ken Stenhouse Sr. and Jimmy Howard.
Round two of features once again saw the Pure Stocks up first. Birthday girl Caroline Kelly was along side Roger Lessard as the cars took green. Kelly has been coming on all season and led the first ten laps. Winner of feature one, Peter Becker made his way from thirteenth in the pack to take the lead away from Kelly. Andy Wheller wasn’t letting Becker get to far in front and the two wily veterans battled it out but it was Becker crossing the line first. Wheller however would be crowned 2015 Pure Stock champion.
The Thunder Cars hit the track again with Bobby Mercer and Mitch Miljanovic up front. It wasn’t long before Shawn Arnott was up front and he started to pull away. The rest of the pack was held up but before long Shawn Chenoweth made it by and had his sight set on Arnott. It wasn’t long before he closed the gap and lapped traffic played a factor. With just a few laps to go, Chenoweth got by Arnott and was gone. He took the checkered flag and was three for three on the night. The team of Shawn Chenoweth and Brad Collison were crowned 2015 Thunder Car champions.
Dave Goodacre and Mark DaSilva led the Mini Stocks to green in their second feature. It didn’t take Chad Ditner long to make his way to the front and he led lap one. He held off Hudson Nagy as Jake Gilbert did in race one and they battled through out. Gillian Hils and Clark Hartman were also close and the four cars provided some great racing action. As the checkered flag flew, Chad Ditner led all the way and picked up the feature win. Russ Aicken would hold of Hudson Nagy and was the 2015 Mini Stock champion.
The Late Models were up with Kevin Albers and Steve Cashmore.David Elliott found his way to the front quick and would battle with Albers. Shawn Chenoweth made his way past Albers and had a beat on Elliott. The two battled hard for a few most of the race and on lap 20 & 21 with Chenoweth nudging Elliott a couple times get him squirrely and the second time Elliott went around and Chenoweth was shown the black flag and went to the back of the pack. The green flew again and Elliott would have a new battle as Brad Corcoran was racing hard and got by and would pick up the victory. David Elliott was crowned the 2015 Late Model champion.
The Pro 4 Modifieds hit the track for their championship tilt with Aaron Turkey and Dan Petit up front. Turkey led early as he battled with Brian Nanticoke and Cliff Hodgkinson. A caution on lap six when the leaders spun and Brian Nanticoke was shown the rear. Turkey and Hodgkinson continued to battle and on lap 13 Hodgkinson got by Turkey and held the lead to the end for the checkered flag. Brian Nanticoke was crowned the 2015 Bomb Energy Drink Pro 4 Modified champion.
The last race of the was the Canadian Vintage Modifieds. Ron Easton and Dustin Hood were on the pole. Cassidy March raced a fine race and battle with Jason Keen. The veteran Keen though showed why he’s the champion and got by March on the back stretch on lap 14, took the lead for good and cruised to the feature win.
That brought to a close another exciting action packed night of racing at Bennett Chevrolet Flamboro Speedway. Please make plans to join us next week, October 2 and 3rd for Frost-Oberfest. Over $50,000 in prize money to be awarded. This is Oktoberfest and Frostfest combined!!
Friday – 25.00
Saturday – 45.00
Friday and Saturday – 55.00
Friday – Adults 20.00, Seniors & Youth 15.00, Children 5.00
Saturday – Adults 35.00, Seniors & Youth 30.00, Children 5.00
Friday & Saturday – Adults 45.00, Seniors & Youth 45.00

The schedule is as follows,
Pits open at 2pm
Front Gate open at 5pm
Practice at 5:30
Racing Starts At 7pm
QUALIFYING : Thunder Cars Double Heats – TOP 20 Cars
QUALIFYING : Mini Stocks Double Heats – TOP 20 Cars
QUALIFYING and FEATURES : Pure Stocks, Pro 4s, and Ontario Modifies
Pits open at 9am
Front gate opens at 12pm
Practice at 12:30 to 2:30
Racing starts at 3pm
QUALIFYING : Late Models Time Trials – TOP 20 Cars
Late Model Consi – TOP 6 Cars
Thunder Cars LAST CHANCE – TOP 6 Cars
Mini Stocks LAST CHANCE – TOP 6 Cars
Thunder Cars – Twin 30 Laps
Mini Stocks – Twin 30 Laps
Ontario Modified – 30 Laps
Late Models – 1st 50 laps
Mini Stocks – 1st 30 Laps
Thunder Cars – 1st 30 Laps
Late Models – 2nd 50 Laps
Mini Stock – 2nd 30 Laps
Thunder Cars – 2nd 30 Laps
Late Models – 3rd 50 Laps
LAST EVENT OF THE NIGHT – Meet PYRO-THE JET TRUCK…..The most impressive Fire Display Jet Truck In The World.

-Please check the website, for more details including the schedule, Admission Prices for the grandstands and pits and updated point standings for all divisions.

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-Thanks to Ingrid Hartman for the videos and to Mike Kiers for the great photos!

Unofficial Results

Pure Stock Feature #1 : #59 Peter Becker, #7 Matt Young, #44 Sam Heibien, #07 Michael Kenny, #10 Lofton Schuts, #90 Andy Wheller, #24 Tyler Mayhew, #6 Mark Thorne, #53 Mike Larkin, #14 Eijah Hawrylyshyn, #42 Leo Lebarbera, #31 Keara Gallant, #69 Roger Lessard, #79 Caroline Kelly, #70 Kyle Lusk, #17 Blair Mayhew, #7x Peter Inglis, #22a Kevin Nicol, #5 Courtney Scott, #48 Steve Deleeuw (NF), #61 Paul Ditner (NF), #8 John Crash Myers (NF)
Pure Stock Feature #2 : #59 Peter R Becker, #90 Andy Wheller, #79 Caroline Kelly, #44 Sam Heibien, #6 Mark Thorne, #53 Mike Larkin, #10 Lofton Schuts, #69 Roger Lessard, #31 Keara Gallant,    #14 Eijah Hawrylyshyn, #70 Kyle Lusk, #07 Micheal Kenny, #24 Tyler Mayhew, #17 Blair Mayhew, #5 Courtney Scott, #22a Kevin Nicol, #7x Peter Inglis, #48 Steve Deleeuw, #7 Matt Young, #42 Leo Lebarbera, #8 John Crash Myers, #61 Paul Ditner (NS)
Thunder Car Feature #1 : #89 Shawn Chenoweth, #03 Steve Ecker, #02 Mark Burbridge     #03 Steve Ecker, #13 Brad Collison, #76 Shawn Arnott, #37 Jeff Bean, #7 Bobby Mercer, #77 Mitch Miljanovic, #21 Andrew Roberson, #12 Justin Collison, #38 Linc Erison , #39 Austin Penny, #24 Marty Monette (NF), #31 Kevin Gallant (NF), #74 Kelsey Lamont (NF), #3 Chad Corcoran (NF), #01 Wayne Phillips (NS), #64 Steve Perry (NS)
Thunder Car Feature #2 : #89 Shawn Chenoweth, #76 Shawn Arnott, #03 Steve Ecker, #02 Mark Burbridge, #31 Kevin Gallant, #7 Bobby Mercer, #37 Jeff Bean, #77 Mitch Miljanovic, #21 Andrew Roberson, #39 Austin Penny, #12 Justin Collison, #38 Linc Erison, #3 Chad Corcoran (NF), #24 Marty Monette (NF), #13 Brad Collison (NF), #74 Kelsey Lamont (NS), #01 Wayne Phillips (NS), #64 Steve Perry (NS)
Mini Stock Feature #1 : #03 Jake Gilbert, #36 Hudson Nagy, #32 Gillian H, #61 Chad Ditner, #51 Clark Hartman, #22 Mark DaSilva, #05 Dave Goodacre, #79 Mike Gilmour, #5 Rob Twitchett, #72 David Mast, #11 Nolan Quinton, #14 Cam McQueen (NF), #76 Shawn Taylor (NF), #71 Russ Aickens (NF), #92 AJ Miller (NS)
Mini Stock Feature #2 : #61 Chad Ditner, #36 Hudson Nagy, #32 Gillian Hils, #03 Jake Gilbert, #51 Clark Hartman, #71 Russ Aickens, #22 Mark DaSilva, #05 Dave Goodacre, #79 Mike Gilmour, #5 Rob Twitchett, #11 Nolan Quinton, #72 David Mast, #76 Shawn Taylor (NS), #14 Cam McQueen (NS), #92 AJ Miller (NS)
Late Model Feature #1 : #89 Shawn Chenoweth, #05 Brad Corcoran, #37 David Elliott, #52 Steve March, #9 Jeff Ruddy, #29 Steve Cashmore, #27 Kevin Albers, #61 Brent Wheller, #5 Linda Stenhouse, #56 Jordan Howse, #17 Nick Roth (NF), #28 Al Maclean (NF)
LateModel Feature #2 : #05 Brad Corcoran, #37 David Elliott, #9 Jeff Ruddy, #89 Shawn Chenoweth, #27 Kevin Albers, #52 Steve March, #61 Brent Wheller, #17 Nick Roth, #29 Steve Cashmore, #56 Jordan Howse (NF), #5 Linda Stenhouse (NF), #28 Al Maclean (NS)
Pro 4 Modified Heat : #9 Brian Nanticoke, #63 Mark Lucas, #33 Cliff Hodgkinson, #68 Aaron Turkey, #15 Brian Nanticoke, #23 Linc Erison, #93 Dan Petit, #0 James Houghton, #8 Chris LeBarron (NF)
Pro 4 Modified Feature : #33 Cliff Hodskinson, #68 Aaron Turkey, #63 Mark Lucas, #15 Dan Nanticoke, #93 Dan Pettit, #9 Brian Nanticoke, #0 James Houghton, #23 Linc Erison, #8 Chris LeBarron
Canadian Vintage Modified Feature #1 : #18 Jason Keen, #25 Cassidy March, #38 Dustin Hood, #6 Ron Easton, #19 John Karley (NF), #8 Brad Perry (NF), #33 Ian Burney, #09 Richard Strange (NF), #47 Kyle Mackenzie, #11 Brad Roberston (NF), #75 Jim Sweers (NF)
Canadian Vintage Modified Feature #2 : #18 Jason Keen, #25 Cassidy March, #47 Kyle Mackenzie, #38 Dustin Hood, #6 Ron Easton, #09 Richard Strange, #33 Ian Burney, #11 Brad Robertson, #75 Jim Sweers (NF), #8 Brad Perry (NS), #19 John Karley (NS)