NCWTS: Austin Theriault ‘Awake and Alert’, Airlifted to Hospital Following Crash

Photo Credit: Noel Lanier

After hitting the wall head-on on lap 15 of the NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Rhino Linings 350(k) at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, Austin Theriault was airlifted to hospital.

On lap 15 in turn three and four, Reddick would get sideways just about had it saved off of corner, when his teammate Austin Theriault would cross right into his path. The pair would make contact, sending Theriault straight up into a non-SAFER barrier outside wall.

After his truck came to a rest in the infield grass, Theriault would climb out with the help of SAFETY workers before sitting down on the grass beside his truck. He was then loaded on a backboard into the ambulance, giving a thumbs up to the crowd in the process.

Theriault was then airlifted to local hospital for further observation – reported awake and alert by both NASCAR and Brad Keselowski Racing.

Meanwhile, for Reddick, it caused some left front fender damage to his truck. He made multiple trips down pit road, getting repairs, before working his way back through the field en route to finishing seventh.

“My guys worked real hard on the truck,” he commented. “It was all tore up after that contact when I tore up a couple of good trucks. Just have to give all the props to my crew. They did all that work and to finish seventh in points ahead of those guys that we’re racing in points. I didn’t do my part – they did do their part and we got a good finish. it’s been shaky on my part lately but I know when I get it right that I have a team behind me.”

Reddick would take to the twitter following the event to say that he spoke with his teammate after the race.