Sunday, September 19, 2021

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Dodge Returning to NASCAR?

Fiat Chrysler CEO, Sergio Marchionne, indicated this week he has spoken to NASCAR executive vice-president, Jim France, about the possibility of Dodge returning to NASCAR competition.

Dodge pulled out of the series in 2012 due to financial reasons. Marchionne told Autoweek, “I’m the one that made the decision to pull Dodge out, I am the guilty party at the table. In 2009 we came out of bankruptcy; we couldn’t (justify) racing in NASCAR when I was trying to pay bills and make payroll.”

It seems those financial woes are now behind them and has told NASCAR he would revisit the issue “in short order”.

It has also been stated that NASCAR may be talking to another manufacturer about joining the series as well. If so, the field could become much more diverse in the near future.

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