Sunday, September 19, 2021

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Busch Thankful for No Late Race Restart

Kyle Busch was able to cross the finish line tonight in first completing his second weekend sweep of his career at the Bristol Motor Speedway. The last two nights, Busch seemingly capitalized on late race restarts to seal the victory in both the UNOH 200 on Wednesday and Food City 300 on Friday night. A late race restart never happened tonight which meant Busch was basically able to sail off to the victory, but had that caution came out, things could’ve panned out differently.

“If the caution ever came out that wasn’t going to be pretty. I say that because the tires were just so wore out, the tires were just killed. If the caution would’ve came out in the last ten laps you were going to have to stay out. I don’t know you would’ve came in and pitted that you would just take a chance to burst off on the restart get enough clean air, get enough space that those with fresh tires couldn’t catch you.”

In the end, it was the fact that there wasn’t a late race restart that caused him to win his second race of the season. The fact that a late race restart could’ve ended the sweep made it ironic that the caution didn’t come out, as it has numerous times this season and in past seasons.

“I’m fortunate and thankful that there wasn’t a late race caution that I would have had to deal with because the car was evil yesterday for the last ten laps that we had to run. That was fortunate and I was kinda worried more so that Erik was going to be able to run us back down and get back to us because he was really really good and really really fast around the bottom”, said Busch. “It Looked a lot like myself years ago when I was really good and patient with the bottom and being able to work down there all day long and be able to pick off cars and when anybody would go to the top I would say “Thank You, see you later.” That’s kinda what Erik looked like tonight so he was really impressive to me. I wish I had more of that for the bottom but we just didn’t, our car was better up top.”

Whether the fans liked it or not, Busch won tonight and was finally able to win again at a track that has hurt him over the past few seasons and that inches him closer to Truex Jr.

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