March 4, 2024

10 thoughts on “Why Chase Elliott’s Actions are Different Than Hamlin’s

  1. Well stated. Denny clearly wrecked him, and with forethought, significant intent, no warnings, and maybe not the fastest car at the time. Here Chase gave him notice repeatedly, was obviously faster, and did not wreck him. In fact, I don’t think Chase intended to run him quite that high, for bouncing Denny off the wall could have taken them both out.

    It’s too bad Denny didn’t just say “I screwed up, got a little self centered, and I wish I could do it over”. Not too late Denny!

    1. I agree. Elliott didn’t run Hamlin into the wall, it’s more accurate to say Elliott let his car push out wide and Hamlin ran himself into the wall.

  2. After contact with the 24, Hamlin could have pitted and pulled the metal off the tire. Instead he chose to stay on track at best speed, putting himself and other cars at risk until the tire blew. Fortunately he didn’t take anyone else out when he finally hit the wall. There was a lot of upset at Martinsville when the 22 didn’t get off the track when Logano had a major tire rub.

    1. Joel, this is a point that few are making. Hamlin said Elliott wrecked him. Actually, Elliott raced hard, gave no quarter, and Hamlin brushed the wall. Happens all the time. Five laps later Hamlin wrecked. That’s on him and his team, no one else.

  3. Hamlin sounds like the typical politician. What a” beat around the bush” way to answer the question. He knows deep down he flat out wrecked elliot, and he knows elliot got him back in a classy way he could only dream about. He is such a primadona. It is unfortunate that he cant man up.

  4. A true fan if Chase knows this could have been avoided. Writer thankfully is a Chase fan in this article

  5. Come on guys,you can pares this every way from Sunday.You are either Mark Martin or Dale Earnhardt.You wreck’em or you don’t,so don’t try selling people this Hamlin is bad Chase is good,they both raced to win and I have no doubt that if Elliot would have had to raised Hamlin up to make that pass Hamlin would have seen his rear tires leave the ground.It’s called Racin’.

    1. Chase could have EASILY dumped Kenseth at Phoenix, and likely driven on to the win and a Championship berth at Homestead. But, even with so much on the line, he didn’t. That doesn’t sound like the actions of someone who would have jacked up another drivers rear tires just to win. Just my opinion. Thanks for reading.

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