May 18, 2024

1 thought on “Martin Truex Jr Fails to Make Qualifying Attempt Due to Issues in Inspection

  1. As a long time Fan of NASCAR (40+ years) and 9 years on the NASCAR Fan Council, I still for the life of me understand HOW IS MARTIN TRUEX JR. ALLOWED TO START THE RACE ?
    I mean come on, he failed Pre-Race Inspection 3 times (and even said they would have probably failed a 4th time, but did not want the extra penalty).
    Okay, so they didn’t pass Pre-Race Inspection, they didn’t make a qualifying run, Butt yet, they are still going to be able to start the Race ???
    Am I the only one that has a problem with this ? The Car is Illegal…How can you let him Race ? (and I like Martin Turex Jr. and he’s not the only driver to have had this happen, and still Race).
    1st thing they failed was the Car’s “Body Scan” !! so NOW your saying YOU CAN BRING ANY CAR YOU LIKE to the track AND STILL Race it ?? well hell then, I’ve still got one of Elliott’s #9 T-Birds from the ’87 Season (with a totally rebuilt 351 Cleveland in it), maybe I should run it later this month at ‘Dega !!
    The rest of the World of Sports has Rules/Inspections and if you don’t abide by the Rules and Pass their Inspections, you don’t participate. PERIOD…you go home.

    Fining these teams is meaningless, set them down for a Race, like the “Encumbered Win” Joey had last year when he got caught cheating…killed his whole Season.

    Because people in the rest of the Sports World are looking at NASCAR and seeing this happen and saying, “It’s Okay to Cheat In NASCAR” “just assign somebody we don’t really need (like the janitor) to be the “Car Chief” so if we get caught “Cheating” we won’t miss him on Race Day”
    NEW JOB OPENING in NASCAR: Car Chief for the Day…
    SIDE NOTE: this is the car that Won Last Year’s Championship in Dominate Fashion !!! makes ya wonder how much they were cheating then…personally if I was any of the other drivers, I’d want a “do-over” because I fell like I got cheated on.

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