July 13, 2024

7 thoughts on “Kayton Travel to sponsor NASCAR K&N Pro Series Driver Salvatore Iovino

  1. Wow Sal lovino great person great Driver so happy for Sal this man deserves this. Thank you

    1. We agree. We are so excited to sponsor Salvatore #32 and his team this year. He is a great inspiration to all. It’ll be a great kick start to the 2018 season. Please spread the news and share with your friends and family. Do check out Kayton Travel at http://www.kaytontravel.com

    2. Hi Jeff I couldn’t agree more, Salvatore is a great person and he is grateful. A couple of the reasons we at Kayton Travel wanted to sponsor them this year. There will be great things to come. Please keep supporting us. Thank you.

  2. Wow Salvatore this is truly a blessing for you and your team. Congrats on your new sponsorship I see you winning many races this season. #32 ?️?️??️

  3. What a true blessing it is to have Kayton Travel on board! Congratulations to you and Kayton Travel for the partnership. Sal is an incredible guy with amazing ambition, determination and a huge passion for racing!

    1. Hi Melissa you’ve said it all about Salvatore. For all those reasons and more that was why we at Kayton Travel decided to partner with them. It’s a blessing and can’t wait to build this partnership and journey together with all the fans. Together we make a difference, one at a time! Please check out http://www.kaytontravel.com

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