February 3, 2023

7 thoughts on “NASCAR Drivers vs Fans/Media

  1. I’m a 43 year old fan and I’ve been watching Cup racing on TV and in person since 1983. I liked the asphalt Bristol. I hated the concrete Bristol – until the progressive banking was installed. The two or three groove racing at Bristol the last several years has been some of the best racing on the circuit. The old single groove racing was awful. Yeah, the grandstands were packed to watch the ‘spectacle.’ The demo-derby at my local fairgrounds track is popular too.

    1. Hi Jeff,

      Thanks for the comment. I too liked the old asphalt Bristol and saw many good races there in the 80s as a kid. The slower speed and bias ply tires allowed racing all over the track. I believe that it’s good for every track to have it’s own identity on the circuit.

      They didn’t have to wreck this weekend to have exciting racing but I firmly feel there’s an art in having to work through traffic and effectively using the bump-and-run technique.

      Again, thanks for reading!

    2. Hi Jeff,
      Thanks for reading. I agree that multigroove racing at Bristol is much better. I find it ironic they altered the track again to take away 3 wide racing because fans supposedly wanted the one groove track that ultimately led to more wrecks, but now they add track bite to make it multigroove again. Strange. Keep reading and commenting!

  2. Yes, for some reason the NASCAR higher-ups have gotten it into their heads that more cars finishing on the lead lap automatically equates to better racing, and they couldn’t be more wrong. A couple of weeks ago, for my FB group, I compared the first Michigan race in 1979 to the first Michigan race last year. In ’79, only 7 cars finished on the lead lap (and what a top 7 it was), but there were 47 lead changes. Last year, 26 cars finished on the lead lap…and there were 10 lead changes. Give me more lead changes any day.

    1. Thanks for reading Michael. Lead changes are definitely something we need more of!

      1. Absolutely, Roger. Now if we could just convince BZF and company of this, the sport would be in a lot better shape.

    2. Michael, thanks for reading. I believe that some of the drivers that throw out those stats about more cars on the lead lap are either fed that line or never watched much of the old races. And with some of these guys being so young they didn’t see what I consider the glory years of NASCAR growing up. But I would invite any of them to watch some of these older races to be educated on what they are talking about. I don’t care if 40 cars finish on the lead lap if there’s only a handful of lead changes or battles for position.

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