September 30, 2023

2 thoughts on “Is Kyle Busch Becoming the Modern Day Darrell Waltrip?

  1. I became a Kyle Busch fan, (as much of a fan as I am of any driver these days), when he took over the #18 car, for a couple of reasons; one was that I’d seen the raw talent Kyle had, much like a young Waltrip or Earnhardt, (& I’m old enough to remember their Cup beginnings, hell, I saw Dale & Ralph Earnhardt both racing on the dirt tracks in North Carolina!), & the other that being a fan of the #18 car since Bobby Labonte’s days in it, (& I go back to 1987 with Bobby, when he was racing on Saturday nights at Concord Speedway, against the likes of Ernie Irvan & Jack Sprague), so it was good to see another top caliber driver take over, after that team stumbled when Bobby left.

    Kyle can be maddening at times, but with marriage & a kid, he’s beginning to mature from the talented, but overly cocky young kid he started out as.

    It’s just too bad that with all the ridiculous changes NASCAR has made, I no longer go to or watch any races, nor do I follow it like I did for about forty years. I kinda keep up with it on Jayski, but not all that much.

    1. Thanks for reading Mark. It’s great to hear from long time fans who have experienced many different eras of NASCAR. Bookmark to help you keep up with what’s going on in the sport today!

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