Blake Koch Starts Business with NASCAR Sponsorship Hopes

Photo Credit: Andy Lyons/Getty Images North America

Blake Koch announced on Facebook Monday that he had started his own business and is looking at that as an avenue to get back into NASCAR.

The business is called Filter Time, a residential air filter company. Koch says once the company gets at least 10,000 subscribers he should be able to propel the company into a NASCAR sponsorship.

Koch lost his ride at Kaulig Racing after the 2017 NASCAR XFINITY season when he lost sponsorship, despite having five top-10 finishes in both 2016 and 2017, and making the XFINITY playoffs.

“People often ask me when I am going to race again and my answer is, when FilterTime gets 10,000 subscribers I will sponsor myself in a race, and live out my new dream of being my own sponsor and really truly promoting a company that I believe in while doing what I love,” Koch said on the Filter Time website.


  1. Absolute waste of time watching the 600 race, one car leading 377 of 400 laps (especially a driver I hate to see win) was like watching grass grow… Nascar has destroyed the competitive racing that we as older fans used to enjoy & what drew fans to watch it on TV or go to racetracks…. Definitely ensured no new fans will be coming forward if they watched the 600 race… My daughter’s fiance from London said what racing all Nascar racing / drivers do is turn left & follow each other…. I’m thru watching / going to races rather be mowing my yard, riding my bike, playing golf than watching Kyle Busch lead basically every lap – it was definitely a coma race….

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