May 18, 2024

6 thoughts on “Best Drivers Turned Announcers in NASCAR

  1. Great seeing Buddy Baker and Benny Parsons at the top of your list. They made watching and listening to the races very enjoyable. My favorites Buddy Baker quip “My daddy always told me if you are involved in an incident on the track it’s 50 percent your fault for being there (on the track)”.

    1. Buddy Baker is perhaps one of the best storytellers of all time – not just in the NASCAR world. I loved Buddy as you can tell from the article!

  2. Wholly agree with your top 2, I’m intrigued with your appraisal of DW and have to see if can find some of those old races to watch because all he does for a while now is get on my nerves when he speaks, sounds like his announcing career might have mirrored his driving career and he just stuck around too long and might not be rememebered for his best work

    1. I think that’s a lot of it Bob. DW done some work for CBS I believe in the mid to late 90s doing Busch races. He was very insightful and not over the top at all.

  3. Baker, Parsons, and Walt rip in that order to me are the worst announcers to ever stand within 20 feet of a microphone. They all 3 stumbled around the English language so badly, even for good ol’ southern boys, that it hurt my ears to listen to them. I completely agree with Bonnett and Jarrett and they are tops in that order with Dallenbach 3rd and after that it’s a tossup between all others except for the 3 clowns mentioned above. My favorite Baker faux pas was “We have a watcher that called in and wants to know “.I guess viewer wasn’t in his vocabulary, and Benny and D.W. just never knew that they have 2 ears and 1 mouth for a reason.

    1. I guess growing up in Northeast TN must have helped me get through that. Thanks for your reply but I loved Buddy and BP. I did always think Dallenbach was underrated.

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