February 4, 2023

5 thoughts on “Lilly Diabetes Pulls Sponsorship Due to Father of Driver Using Racial Slur Before Driver was Born

  1. This is So insane! 35 years ago? Not him, but his father? As a diabetic, this is especially maddening!!! Pretty soon, we will just have to nod to each other and not risk actually speaking.

  2. We have gone completely bonkers! Not that I condone racism but for crying out loud this is the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard. Back in the ’80s??? Not only did the driver not have a thing to do with it but he wasn’t even born!! I certainly don’t think any of those high muckety-mucks have gone their entire lives, nor have their parents, without having made (what at least some might consider) a racial slur. Give me a break! This nation has gone completely overboard with P C!

  3. Whomever made this decision for Lilly should be fired for mental incompetency and this driver and his Dad should sue them. Someone-soon-needs to take a stand.

  4. I am admittedly extremely progressive/liberal, abhor racism, & detest all racial comments & slurs.

    That having been said, dropping the sponsorship of Conor Daly for what his dad said 30+ years ago, 10 years before Conor was even born borders on total insanity.

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