October 3, 2022

2 thoughts on “How Does Kevin Harvick Stack-up at Homestead?

  1. I have often wondered if Nascar takes the championship car to there r&d shop for a post race inspection? If they do and they really inspect it and find a problem are they going to take away the title and award it to the second place driver?I just cant see them announcing the next week that there is a different champion than the one crowned on Sunday. I suspect that anything that a team can get by prerace inspection will not be a problem after the race. If I were say Logano I would not be opposed to my team adding a few “improvments” to my car. Just saying Lew

    1. Hey Lewis,

      NASCAR does not take the championship car (or anyone) to R&D after Homestead. All post-race tech is done in teardown at the track. If for any reason there would be an issue post-race, we should know Sunday after the race.

      Thanks for the comment.

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