Protecting Your Wheels From Thieves

Despite the automotive industry’s recent technological advances, an old problem still remains: wheel theft. The value of wheels and tyres stolen every year is staggering, and the issue is only getting worse. There are a few reasons for the prevalence of wheel theft, but thankfully, there are a few precautions drivers can take to protect their rides.

Wheels are Easy to Take

A determined criminal with a jack and an impact wrench can remove a whole set of mag wheels in less than ten minutes. Here are a few reasons why automotive rims are such an easy target.

  • They cannot be tracked. Wheels do not have identifying marks or serial numbers, and it’s rare that a buyer asks for documentation of ownership.
  • They’re easy to resell. A thief may sell a stolen set of wheels online, to an auto repair shop, or locally.
  • The money is there. Aftermarket wheels and tyres are some of Australia’s most popular accessories, and the costlier the vehicle, the more money the wheels command. Depending on your make and model, a stolen set of wheels may go for thousands of dollars.

Now that we’ve explained why Fuel wheels are so frequently stolen, we’ll offer some tips on theft prevention.

Use Lug Locks

This anti-theft tip involves replacing one lug nut on each wheel with a locking nut, which requires a specific tool for removal. Locking lug nuts are typically sold as dealer add-ons, and they’re also available online and at auto parts stores for a bit less. Be careful not to lose the tool, though, as you’ll need it to remove the wheel when changing a flat tyre.

Use an Alarm With Sensors

Unlike an automotive alarm, which alerts you during a vehicle burglary, a sensor alarm detects an angle change if a thief attempts to lift your vehicle. Some new vehicles include these alarms, but they’re also available as aftermarket additions. Though these alarms are costly, they’re much cheaper than replacing an entire set of rims and tyres. For more tips about buying rims and tyres online, click here.

Park in a Secure Location

Most car thieves hit at night, looking for areas where there’s little chance of discovery. Try to park in areas with heavy pedestrian and vehicle traffic, and where surveillance cameras are running. If you must park outside overnight, be sure your vehicle can be seen from a window.

Turn the Wheels

When parking your vehicle, turn your Diesel wheels to a 45-degree angle. This makes it harder for thieves to remove the lug nuts, because the wheel well will get in the way.

Park Near the Curb

When parking on a street, pull as close to the curb as possible. The closer the vehicle is, the harder it will be for a thief to jack it up. While one side of the car will remain exposed, the other side will be protected.

In Closing

Wheel and tyre theft is a big problem, but there are ways to prevent it and reduce the risk. We hope it never happens to you, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry because having your wheels stolen can leave you stranded and cost you lots of money to replace.