Options for Shipping Your Racing Car

There is shipping Formula 1 cars, and then there is shipping your personal race car. While both processes are similar, Formula 1 is in a network all their own, so differences exist when comparing to how you ship a personal vehicle.

Formula 1 Shipping Methods

Racing cars like the ones in Formula 1 go through quite the process to get shipped across the country or globe. Teams break down cars into their basic parts before shipping. Each of these parts goes in a custom box lined with Styrofoam or bubble wrap and other packing materials, and then they are shipped.

Once the cars arrive at their destination, teams rebuild the cars with as many as several thousand different parts. This process happens before every single race.

Packing the car and its components in stackable boxes makes it easier to transport quickly. The main chassis is covered by a customized protective cover and placed within a case before shipment. By packing everything in this manner, the team protects the car and its components in shipment. Packing and shipment take a total of approximately 36 hours, and on arrival, reassembly begins.

Formula 1 teams rely on air and ocean transport when going overseas. Cars in pieces are shipped by air, while other bulkier parts go by sea. Keep in mind that ocean shipments take considerably longer. Teams compensate for that by having multiple shipments out simultaneously to have everything available on time at every location.

Shipping a Personal Racing Car

Traditional car shipment is entirely different from what Formula 1 does. Cars are shipped in one piece for the average person. The shipment also does not happen as quickly. It can take several days for domestic transport, and it can take weeks for international transport if you are crossing an ocean.

You also cannot pack your personal racing car in a customized foam-lined, bubble-wrapped box. Instead, your best option would be to select an enclosed auto transport from a reputable company. It may be more expensive to transport your car like this, but you can rest assured that it will be safer this way.

Shipping a racing car is no small feat. When you send a prized possession across the country like this, you need to make sure your vehicle is covered by insurance. Car shipping companies carry liability insurance, but you need to make sure their policies would cover a racing car.

Racing cars tend to be significantly more expensive than typical cars, so if anything unexpected happens, such as a freak storm that causes a ship to sink while your vehicle is on it, you need to be sure you’re covered. You also need to check on your insurance coverage to verify the terms for your car while in shipment.

A Few Final Thoughts on Shipping Your Racing Car

Unless you have resources similar to those of Formula 1 teams, you will need to search for a transport company that will fit your needs. For a racing car, especially those worth significant amounts of money or sentiment, use an enclosed transport. Verify insurance coverage, too, so you have complete peace of mind about even a worst-case scenario.