June 18, 2024

Join our staff

Are you ready to work in motorsports media?

OnPitRoad.com is currently searching for new staff members for all levels of motorsports, from the NASCAR national touring series all the way down to local short tracks!

We are a fully credentialed media outlet providing our staff with full media credentials to events around the country, however, travel is not required. Journalists and Contributors can can choose when and where they travel to events, or simply work from your home or office providing content based on thorough research. We can offer a structure that fits your schedule and skills.

If you have a love of motorsports and would like to become involved in the sport as a member of the media, please contact us today! Be prepared to provide a sample of your work. 




Please allow 24-48 hours for processing.

Terms of Service (TOS):

Becoming a staff member for OnPitRoad.com is strictly on a volunteer basis (unless otherwise noted in your agreement). Anything posted is solely your responsibility. Any copyrighted, unethical, or vulgar material will not be allowed. Thank you for your interest.

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