Saturday, September 25, 2021

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Judge rules in favor of Mayfield

By Joe Dunn

Jeremy Mayfield let out a big sigh Tuesday afternoon as US District Court Judge Graham Mullen ruled in his favor, granting a temporary injunction against NASCAR’s suspension of Mayfield. Shana Mayfield broke out in tears as the judge rendered his decision. The ruling clears the way for the owner of the team to be changed back to Jeremy.

“The truth came out. That’s what it’s all about,” Mayfield said after the decision was announced. He indicated that it may be too late for him to get his team to Daytona in time for the Thursday morning deadline for ‘post entries’ for the Coke Zero 400. However, he did hint that it would be enough time for him to serve as the driver for another team, the most likely in that case would be the 64 car of Larry Gunselmann.
The Gunselmann team shares the same shop with Mayfield Motorsports in one of the Stavola Brothers shops.

Although NASCAR said at first that they had no intention of filing an appeal, spokesman Ramsey Posten later said that they were still considering their actions. Posten also said that Mayfield would be subject to regular drug test and they would beginning this week at Daytona should Mayfield be there. The judges ruling also gave way for NASCAR to take hair samples from Mayfield as well as extensive and regular drug testing.

In his announcing decision, Judge Mullen stated that the damage to Mayfield from the suspension far outweighed any damage that NASCAR could validate. He said there was credence to Mayfield’s claim that if he were under the influence of methamphetamines, his crew members and others would have noticed. Mayfield had his crew members sign affidavits saying they did not see any evidence that Mayfield had used drugs. The judge also found that Mayfield has a likelihood of success on the merits of his case.

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