NSCS: NASCAR Honors America, While We Remember 9/11

Think back 10-years ago, where were you? I can remember vividly where I was, even though I was only nine years of age. It was a troubled time for our country, a reason for stress, anger, and many different emotions that forced “we the people” to come together in an historic fashion.

Credit: Tom Pennington/Getty Images

As we approach the 10-year anniversary, NASCAR has vowed to honor America at the Wonderful Pistachios 400 from the Richmond International Raceway, Saturday night.

NASCAR has always honored America in some fashion, whether it be incorporated in the pre-race ceremonies, special events during the race (moment of silence), or even the ‘special’ paint schemes that both the teams and their fans find exciting.

Having said all of that, what is to be expected as we honor America on the wake of 9/11?

What you will see tonight:

-Several ‘special’ paint schemes (Kyle Busch- Red, White, and Blue Flag Car; Ryan Newman- ‘Victims of Pentagon Attack’ scheme; several more).

-Special moment of silence will take place for the MRN/ESPN broadcast, as well as the entire Richmond International Raceway (Note- I won’t be tweeting during laps 9-11, which is when the moment of silence will take place)

It is an honor and a blessing to be an American, something we should all take a lot of pride in. So why not unite like we did during those tragic days of September 2001?

So, as we watch some exciting racing from Richmond, let’s pause and remember those whom are still serving to protect our freedoms and provide safety to meet our daily needs. These are some troubled times, which we can look onto a sport like NASCAR to ‘ease’ the reminders of that dark/gloomy day.