Tensions Ease in New Hampshire?

As the fog and mist lifted from the racetrack here in New Hampshire, it seemed that the tensions sitting on the chase teams and many in the rest of the Cup field were lifted a bit. The steady troop of drivers into the media center found Kevin Harvick, Kyle Busch, Kurt Busch, Ryan Newman, and Dale Earnhart Jr. all in almost jovial and lighthearted moods. Kevin Harvick, simply said,” it will be be what it will be”

the drivers while all trying to win, admit that they have to perform, but there are so many other factors that could come to play that are outside of their control. There is a push to win, but the teams are much more relaxed and all talked about the work and the fun associated with the racing.
With the fog and rain holding off for now, though the sun is not exactly shinning, the cars are on the track for practice right now. While in the media center the drivers may have been relaxed, on the track right now, most of the chase drivers are pretty far back in the speed charts. Right now, Mark Martin and David Reutimann are the leaders on the track.
Mark is being followed by the chase drivers with Jeff Gordon running in 3rd, Ryan Newman running 6th; Jimmie Johnson running 19th; Tony Stewart running 20th; Brad Keselowski running 27th; Carl Edwards running 29th; Denny Hamlin running 33rd; Dale Earnhart Jr, running 34th; Kyle Busch running 35th; Matt Kenseth running 36th; and, Kurt Busch running 37th.
Maybe some of those cup drivers are not as relaxed as they claim to be.