Nascar’s Briggadoon in New Hampshire

It is Friday morning in New Hampshire and as we walk into the New Hampshire Motor Speedway the fog and mist are so think we almost need a seeing eye dog to find the media center. Although we are in the middle of the track you can not see the track, the scoring tower or anything else for that matter.

As we walk towards the media center, the cars appear out of the mist being pushed towards the technical review by the teams, much like the legendary mystical Scottish village Gene Kelly sang and danced around years ago. However, this morning we do not see anyone dancing and it is far too early for singing, although it is very likely that another Gene Kelly movie, singing in the rain, could be shown later today and tomorrow.
Already we are hearing that qualifying is questionable, but the drivers and crews are still preparing as if it were a sunny morning at the race track. Ice is being bought by the handcart full, Goodyear is mounting tires, and Sunoco is setting up to pump enough gas to get me to and from work for the next two years.
Hopefully, when the mist lifts, this weekend fulfills its promise to be a busy, full race weekend. With the K&N pro Series, Whelen Modified Tour, Camping World Truck Series and Cup race on Sunday, we hope we will see a lot of smoking tires and with the fans and teams giving us excitement we seek.
Already, I can make out Motor Coaches on the hill, instead of the heather, Gene Kelly romped in in his production. But like that mystical village, Nascar fans are coming out from their long foggy night sleep to promise of a wonderful day.