Sunday Morning at Dover

It is Race Day in Dover! We got to the track this morning about 7:30. We thought We would be the first to get here and found there were about 500 people here before us. The security and folks that operate the track were here at 6:00. Remember the race starts at 1:00 this afternoon.

As we came into the media center, the teams were waiting along the garage when I looked back at the grandstand they opened up the other gate and more teams flooded in 5 minutes before the gates opened.
It is interesting, the teams are talking quietly, no loud mouths in the bunch and though they are all in competition with each other, it is clear they all know and mostly like each other. I overheard talk about the casino, dinner, some lady who tried to pick up a team member and a team member who tried to pick up some woman. Seem both lost out.
The morning was very misty and chilly. not bone numbing cold, but pretty darn chilly. I took a picture of Booty Barker surrounded by his team, but quite bundled up. Clearly it is time for Nascar to move to a warmer climate and after Kansas we will be in warmer and hopefully dry climates. I know Texas needs rain, but please let it rain before and after November 6th, not during.
As I was on the track, I noticed that the top lane has been ground with groves exposing the gravel in the concrete. I have to ask if this give the drivers a warning they are close to the wall or if it helps with grip. I doubt there is any grip advantage, but I am sure the drivers can feel that difference in their tires.
More later. Happy Race day.