Saturday, September 25, 2021

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Lap by Lap: Kroger 250 won by Kevin Harvick

Green flag as Kevin Harvick leads the first lap after starting on the pole.

Lap 2 Harvick leads Ty Dillon and Cale Gale.

Lap 3 Timothy Peters and Ron Hornaday both pass Gale for third and fourth.

Lap 4 Justin Lofton passes Gale for fifth

Lap 5 Dillon takes the lead from Harvick

Lap 6 Harvick takes the lead back from Dillon while Johnny Sauter passes Gale.

Lap 8 James Buescher and Matt Crafton pass Gale for seventh and eighth

Lap 10 Harvick leads Dillon, Peters, Hornaday, Lofton, Sauter, Buescher and Crafton.

Caution Lap 21 Hornaday get loose and goes for a spin.

Restart Lap 26 Harvick leads Dillon, Lofton, Peters, Buescher, Sauter, Crafton, Gale, Todd Bodine and Jeb Burton.

Lap 33 Peters, Buescher and Sauter pass Lofton for third and fourth.

Lap 37 Peters passes Dillon for second

Lap 41 Harvick leads Peters, Dillon, Buescher, Sauter, Crafton, Lofton, Gale, Bodine and Parker Kligermann

Caution Lap 75 Joey Coulter gets into the outside wall after a flat tire. All the leaders take the opportunity to pit. Harvick leads Dillon, Buescher, Peters, Lofton, Sauter, Gale, Kligermann and Bodine off pit road. John King gets the lucky dog.

Restart Lap 83

Lap 86 Harvick leads Dillon, Peters, Buescher, Sauter, Lofton, Gale, Kligermann, Bodine and Jason Leftler.

Lap 92 Caution as J.R. Fitzpatrick goes for a spin as Jeff Agnew collects damage. John Wes Townley gets into Fitzpatrick spinning him, as the chain reaction gives Agnew and Dakota Armstrong damage. Hornaday and Crafton both had to change their batteries already, Paulie Harraka thinking he has an issue.

Green Flag lap 100 as Harvick leads Dillon and Buescher

Lap 101 Harraka changes the battery

Lap 103 Harvick leads Dillon, Peters, Buescher, Sauter, Lofton, Gale, Bodine, Kligermann and Leftler

Caution Lap 111 Dusty Davis is stopped on the front stretch on the track. Crafton gets the lucky dog.

Restart Lap 123

Lap 125 Harvick leads Dillon, Buescher, Peters, Lofton, Sauter, Bodine, Gale, Kligermann and David Starr.


110 to go Bodine passes Sauter for sixth

103 to go Fire on pit road as Ryan Sieg breaks a rear end gear

93 to go Nelson Piquet Jr. passes Starr for 10th

Caution Lap 157 as Starr spins with a flat tire. Hornady gets the lucky dog. Leaders pit…….Harvick leads Dillon, Buescher, Lofton, Bodine, Peters, Gale and Sauter off pit road.

Restart Lap 164.

82 to go Harvick leads Dillon, Lofton, Buescher, Peters, Bodine, Sauter, Gale, Ross Chastain and Piquet Jr.

47 to go Harvick leads Dillon, Buescher, Lofton, Sauter, Peters, Bodine, Gale, Piquet, Chastain

40 to go Sauter passes Lofton

26 to go Bodine has a flat tire and a broken sway bar.

25 to go Leftler possibly has a lot of fluid leaking; Coulter almost into the wall with another flat tire

Caution 24 to go as David Reuitmann gets into the wall with a flat tire. Harvick leads. Sauter behind the wall with a broken upper control arm.

Restart 16 to go as Harvick has the lead.

15 to go Caution as Max Gresham goes for a spin, collecting Jeb Burton, Miguel Paludo and Brennan Newberry

Restart 6 to go

Kevin Harvick wins the Kroger 250 over Dillon, Buscher, Lofton, Peters, Piquet Jr., Chastain, Leftler, John King, Jason White

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