ARCA race a prelude for the cup race; Poole wins at pocono

Since the ARCA race run today is the first racing on the newly paved 2.5 mile triple turn track the question in the media center is will it be a prelude for tomorrow’s race?

This race was unique to say the least. A hard hit with the no.32 car on the pace lap even before the pace car lights had gone off. Then the first actual caution came about at lap 16 and a few other cautions throughout the race.

With 25 laps to go Keven Swindell had his 3rd tire go down an bring out another caution and worrying Brenden Poole who also races for the Venturini team.

There was not a second grove, or at least not one that worked well, for this race, which begs the question if a second grove can come in tomorrow? The most that ARCA was able to achieve was putting two cars into a turn.

We saw 4-wide on the straight stretch, but no one was successful with doing more than two wide on the turns. The track was slick, mostly from the desert of speedy dry applied to the track from all the wrecks and blown engines during cup qualifying. Most of the time, it looked like there was a dust storm on the back stretch.

In the end, pole sitter, Poole, beat out Chad Hackenbracht for the win. The first win on the newly paved track.

Hackenbracht finished 5.164 seconds behind Poole.  Alex Bowman finished third, Matt Lofton fourth, and Chris Buescher rounded out the top five.