Lap by Lap: Winstar World Casino 400k won by Johnny Sauter

Johnny Sauter led the final 22 laps on the way to winning the WinStar World Casino 400 for his victory of the 2012 season.


Lap 1 Justin Lofton leads

Lap 3 Lofton leads Timothy Peters, James Buescher, Ty Dillon, Brendan Gaughan, Nelson Piquet Jr., Parker Kligerman, Matt Crafton and Joey Coulter

Caution lap 4 as John Wes Townley has a flat tire after getting into the outside wall.

Restart Lap 8

Lap 9 Lofton and Peters run side-by-side for the lead over Dillon, Buescher, Todd Bodine, Piquet Jr., Gaughan, Ron Hornaday, Kligerman and Jason Leftler

Lap 11 Lofton holds the lead as Buescher moves up to second while Dillon and Peters run side-by-side for third.

Lap 12 Peters stays third with Dillon fourth

Lap 13 Lofton leads Buescher, Peters, Dillon, Bodine, Piquet Jr., Gaughan, Hornaday, Kligerman and Leftler

Lap 16 Dillon passes Peters for third while Sauter passes Leftler for 10th

Lap 18 Peters pits with a possible vibration and overheating problems.

Lap 25 Lofton leads Buescher, Dillon, Bodine, Piquet Jr., Gaughan, Hornaday, Sauter, Kligerman and Crafton.

Lap 27 James Buescher takes the lead from Lofton; Sauter passes Hornaday; Crafton passes Kligerman

Lap 30 Todd Bodine blew up to bring out the caution…..pit stops for the leaders……Dillon leads Lofton and Buescher off pit road……..Max Gresham gets the lucky dog

Restart Lap 30 as Ty Dillon leads through turn one

Lap 31 Dillon leads Lofton, Buescher, Gaughan, Piquet Jr., Coulter, Sauter, Leftler, Crafton and Kligerman

Lap 43 Dillon leads Lofton, Buescher, Sauter, Piquet Jr., Gaughan, Coulter, Crafton, Leftler, Kligerman

Lap 45 Buescher passes Lofton for second; Coulter passes Gaughan for sixth

Lap 46 Paulie Harraka and Rick Crawford wreck for a caution.

Restart Lap 51 Buescher passes Dillon on the backstretch for the lead

Lap 52 Buescher leads Dillon, Sauter and Lofton

Lap 53 Buescher leads Sauter, Dillon, Lofton, Piquet Jr., Gaughan, Crafton, Kligerman, Coulter and Leftler.

Lap 55 Sauter takes the lead from Buescher on the front stretch.

Lap 69 Sauter leads Buescher, Dillon, Piquet Jr., Lofton, Gaughan, Crafton, Coulter, Leftler and Kligerman.

Lap 71 Piquet passes Dillon for third

Caution Lap 73 Paulie Harraka and Max Gresham spin in front of Sauter – Harraka gets into the wall while Gresham stays out of the wall; Buescher passes Sauter for the lead…..Leaders hit pit road……Jason White leads Dillon, Piquet Jr., Buescher and Lofton off pit road. White took two tires; Kligermann runs Sauter into the grass a little coming off pit road.

Restart Lap 79 as Jason White gets a good restart

Lap 80 White leads Buescher, Dillon, Piquet Jr., Coulter, Kligerman, Sauter, Crafton, Lofton and Miguel Paludo

Lap 82 Buescher takes the lead from White

Lap 85 Sauter passes Kligermann; Gaughan  and Cale Gale pass Paludo

Lap 86 Crafton passes Kligermann

Lap 88 Gaughan passes Lofton for ninth; Buescher leads White, Dillon, Piquet Jr., Coulter, Sauter, Crafton, Kligermann, Gaughan and Lofton

Lap 89 Gaughan passes Kligermann for eighth

Lap 90 Dillon and Piquet pass White

Caution Lap 93 for debris…….leaders pit for fuel……..Dillon leads Piquet Jr., Coulter, Crafton, Buescher and Sauter off pit road. Lofton stays out so he takes over the lead

Restart Lap 100 as Lofton leads heading into turn one.

Lap 101 Coulter and Buescher pass Dillon for second and third while Lofton leads.

Lap 102 Buescher passes Coulter for second

Lap 104 Dillon passes Coulter for third

Lap 105 Lofton leads Buescher, Dillon, Coulter, Sauter, Crafton, White, Gaughan, Gale, and Piquet Jr.

Lap 107 Kligerman passes Piquet Jr. for 10th

Lap 115 Lofton leads Buescher, Dillon, Coulter, Sauter, Crafton, Gaughan, White, Gale, Kligerman

45 laps to go Piquet passes Gale and Kligerman; Sauter passes Coulter for fourth

43 to go Sauter passes Dillion; Piquet passes White

42 to go Lofton pits, handing the lead over to Buescher; caution as Norm Benning spins Bryan Sylas…..leaders pit…….Dillon leads Buescher, Coulter, Crafton and Sauter off pit road……

Restart 33 to go as Dillon and Buescher run side-by-side for the lead

Caution 31 to go Dillon gets loose under Buescher and they both get into the wall; Crafton takes the lead…..Dakoda Armstrong gets the lucky dog

Restart 24 to go as Crafton and Gaughan run side-by-side through turns one and two……Sauter makes it three-wide going in turn three. Gaughan backs off and now Sauter and Crafton run side-by-side

23 to go Crafton clears Sauter for the lead

22 to go Sauter takes the lead from Crafton

18 to go Sauter leads Crafton, Coulter, Gaughan, Leftler, Gale, Piquet Jr., Kligerman, David Starr and Dillon

17 to go Dillon passes Starr for ninth

13 to go Piquet Jr. passes Gale; Dillon passes Kligerman

10 to go Sauter leads Crafton, Coulter, Gaughan, Leftler, Piquet, Gale, Dillon, Lofton, Kligerman

Sauter wins over Crafton Coulter Gaughan Piquet Leftler Dillon Gale Lofton Kligerman