Saturday, October 16, 2021

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Lap by Lap: RainEater Wiper Blades 200 won by Chris Buescher

After scoring six victories on the short tracks in the span of two years, Chris Buescher led the final 14 laps on his way to his first speedway victory in the RainEater Wiper Blades 200 at Michigan International Speedway.

Green flag as Joey Coulter and Brennan Poole run side-by-side down the backstretch. Poole pulls to the lead coming out of turn four.

Lap 2 Poole leads Coulter, Kevin Swindell, Alex Bowman, Ryan Reed, Justin Lofton and Kyle Larson.

Caution Lap 3 Nelson Canache spins and both Tom Hessert & Larry Barford Jr. hit him afterwards.

“It’s definitely unfortunate with us. looks like the 35 car just got into the corner on lap two and spun out. Definatley gives us a tough hit in the points. but it’s a long race so who knows whats going to happen. theres also a lot of races left this year.” Hessert

Lap 6 Chad Hackenbracht is slow on the apron – problem was with the fuel pump with it breaking.

Restart lap 11

Lap 12 Poole leads Coulter, Swindell, Bowman, Reed, Lofton, Larson, Chris Buescher, rank Kimmel and Blankenship.

Caution lap 12 as Jared Marks goes for a spin while running underneath Brandon Newberry.

Restart Lap 16 – Poole leads Swindell, Coulter, Bowman, Reed, Lofton, Larson, Buescher, Kimmel and Blakenship

Lap 17 Kimmel passes Buescher for eighth

Lap 18 Gallagher passes Blakenship while Buescher passes Kimmel for eighth

Lap 19 Kyle Larson has smoke coming off the right side of the car after getting into the outside wall.

Lap 20 Poole leads Swindell, Coulter, Bowman, Reed, Lofton, Buescher, Kimmel, Gallagher, Blankenship

Lap 22 Buescher, Lofton and Kimmell pass Reed for position

Lap 25 Competition caution. Field comes down pit road……Poole leads Buescher, Bowman and Coulter

Restart lap 35 and Poole leads

Lap 38 Poole leads Coulter, Swindell, Buescher, Lofton and Bowman

Caution Lap 40 Aleks Gregory gets into the wall; Buster Graham gets the lucky dog…..Some stay out, some head down pit road. Poole and Coulter both stayed out. Swindell the first to pit out of third.

Restart Lap 48

Lap 50 Poole leads Coulter, Lofton, Buescher and Reed.

Lap 51 Poole, Coulter, Lofton, Buescher, Reed, Davis, Swindell, Bowman, Kimmel and Gallagher

Lap 53 Lofton passes Coulter for second

Lap 55 Swindell and Bowman pass Davis

Lap 61 Poole and Coulter both pit for right sides, Lofton now to the lead

Lap 62 Reed pits for right sides

Lap 64 Poole pits once again, now for left side tires. Coulter also in for left side tires. Reed also pits for left side tires

Lap 65 Swindell pits for four tires

Lap 66 Lofton leads Buescher, Bowman, Davis, Kimmel, Gallgher, Newberry, Blankenship, Blum and Graham

Lap 71 Lofton leads Bowman, Buescher, Davis, Kimmel, Gallagher, Newberry, Blankenship, Pl um and Graham

Lap 73 Gallagher pits

Lap 75 Lofton leads Bowman, Buescher, Davis, Kimmel, Newberry, Blankenship, Pl um, Swindell and Graham; Lofton pits, handing the lead over to Bowman; Buescher pits

24 to go Davis pits

19 to go Poole pits

Caution 15 to go Swindell gets into the wall. Some pit, some stay out. Buescher gets the lead

Restart 9 to go

Buescher holds Bowman off at the line

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