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Lap by Lap: Lucas Oil 150 at Phoenix International Raceway won by Brian Scott

In a late green white checkered, Brian Scott would take the lead from Kyle Larson and lead the final laps to win the Lucas Oil 150 at Phoenix International Raceway for Kyle Busch Motorsports’ first win of 2012.


Lap 1 Nelson Piquet Jr. grabs the lead early while Scott clears Ryan Blaney for second

Lap 2 Piquet Jr. leads Scott, Blaney, Crafton, Gale, Buescher, Peters, Truex, Larson and Mayhew.

Lap 6 Mayhew passes Larson for ninth

Lap 7 Paludo passes Larson for 10th

Lap 9 Scott passes Piquet Jr. for the lead

Lap 23 Scott leads Blaney, Crafton, Piquet Jr., Gale, Buescher, Peters, Mathew, Truex and Sauter

Caution Jeff Choquette gets into the wall after a flat right front tire……pit stops. Buescher pulls close to the wall; Scott takes two tires, though reports possible motor issue. Scott leads Peters, Dillon, Kligermann off pit road.

Restart lap 42. Scott leads as Dillon grabs second ahead of Peters and Kligermann

Caution lap 44 John King gets into the wall

Restart lap 48. Dillon and Scott side-by-side for the lead. Scott clears Dillon off of turn four.

Caution lap 49 wreck on the front stretch after Jason White has some issues, collecting Bodine

Restart lap 54. Dillon and Scott side-by-side for the lead. Dillon grabs the lead…..Caution. Kligermann got into the wall. Kligermann gets loose underneath Blaney, collecting Crafton.

Restart lap 56……Caution as Piquet Jr. turns Sauter into the wall while battling for position, collecting Hornaday

Restart lap 73…..Dillon pulls ahead of Scott off of turn two

Caution lap 74 Gale goes around after getting loose underneath Blaney. Piquet Jr. gets the lucky dog…..leaders Ryan Truex stays out, inheriting the lead. Top seven trucks stayed out.

Restart 72 laps to go as Truex holds the lead.

71 laps to go Peters gets into Truex down the front straight, Truex saves it.

70 laps to go Truex leads Peters, Mayhew, Larson, Dillion, Scott, Gaughan, Blaney and Buescher

68 to go Truex leads Lofton, Peters, Larson, Mayhew, Gaughan, Dillon, Scott, Blaney and Buescher; Scott passes Dillon for seventh

64 to go Scott and Dillon pass Gaughan for sixth and seventh after Gaughan got into the wall slightly

60 to go Mayhew and Blaney pass Gaughan for eighth and ninth while Coulter passes Buescher for 10th after Gaughan gets sideways and Buescher slows to avoid

59 to go Truex leads Lofton, Peters, Larson, Scott, Dillon, Blaney, Guaghan, Coulter and Buescher. Sieg 11th with Mayhew 12th after Mayhew got loose.

54 to go Lofton and Peters pass Truex for first and second

52 to go Scott passes Truex for third

49 to go Lofton leads Peters, Scott, Truex, Larson, Dillon, Blaney, Coulter, Gaughan and Buescher.

48 to go Caution Truex runs out of room trying to get around the lap truck of Mike Harmon and spins him. Blaney made slight contact with Harmon. Lofton pits as the leader for four tires.

42 to go Peters battles with Larson and Scott for the lead three-wide down the back – Larson grabs the lead through turns three and four. Quiroga gets into Gaughan, collecting Dillon. Gaughan expressed his displeasure with Quiroga. Red flag.

Restart 36 laps to go as Larson holds the lead while Scott passes Peters.

35 to go Larson leads Scott, Peters, Coulter, Seig, Buescher, Blaney, Piquet Jr., Truex, Mayhew

32 to go Truex passes Piquet Jr for eighth; Gale passes Mayhew for 10th; Busecher passes Seig for fifth

31 to go Gale passes Piquet Jr. and Truex both to move up to eighth

30 to go Larson leads Scott, Peters, Coulter, Buescher, Seig, Blaney, Gale, Piquet Jr. and Truex

27 to go Scott and Larson get side-by-side off of turn two; Larson drives it deep into turn three, holding Scott off as Scott slid up due to Larson’s move

17 to go Dillon, who came into the night second in points, falls a lap down to race leader Kyle Larson

16 to go Larson leads Scott, Peters, Coulter, Buescher, Seig, Blaney, Gale, Piquet Jr., Truex

8 to go Seig passes Buescher for fifth; Blaney passes Buescher for sixth

6 to go Lofton gets into Truex, passing him for 10th

3 to go Caution – Buescher gets into the wall after a flat right front tire

Restart 2 to go Brian Scott passes Kyle Larson for the lead through turns one and two

Brian Scott wins the race! Larson. Coulter. Peters. Blaney. Seig.

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