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Davey Terry looking for his first OSCAAR Modified victory in 2013

Despite last year being his first time in a modified, Davey Terry looked nothing like a rookie behind the wheel of his No. 14 OSCAAR Modified under the guidance of his father Pete, who was the crew chief.

“My only thoughts on last year are one, how much fun it was and two, just how much we improved as a team to the point we were contending for wins near the end of the season,” he said.

Many were surprised with how the Erin, Ontario native did as Terry made the jump up to OSCAARs from the four-cylinder Mini Stocks.

Terry showed improvement throughout the season, while remaining consistent. He only had two DNFs last year while finishing top 10 every other night on his way to finishing third in points. Though, as mentioned, he would come close to winning late in the season.

In what he calls the most memorable part of the season, Terry would lead laps in Sunset Speedway’s Velocity 250 event, before being passed by race winner and series champion Greg McLean.

“We came really close to winning it and so many friends, family and sponsors were there to watch,” he commented. “It was a great day all around.

With a year under his belt, Terry goes into this season with one “plain and simple” goal in mind – to win.

“It’s a fairly reasonable goal that will result in one hell of a party when it’s met,” he said.

Though getting that win isn’t going to be an easy task as most of the drivers are returning for OSCAAR’s second year of modified competition, while some new drivers are joining the line-up.

daveyterry_velocity2“This season the competition level is going to high,” he said. “You will see more winners but at the same time, the fast cars from last year will still be tough to beat.”

Terry adds that with the level of competition, it makes it tough and unpredictable.

“You have guys from different backgrounds with different skill levels, engine packages and chassis’ that are good at some tracks and even better at others,” he continued. “You never know who will be quick.”

With the series visiting eight different tracks, there is something for everyone. One of the tracks Terry is looking forward to getting back to is Sunset Speedway, which will host five races in 2013.

“There’s lots of room and the facility is second to none,” he said. “Then there’s Varney, i wish we had more races there because every lap is like a 12 second rollercoaster ride. It’s small but it separates the men from the boys.”

In helping his racing program come together, he would like to thank Wasteco for their continued support.

“They’ve been with me almost every year I’ve raced and I’m happy to say they will be back on the car this season,” he said. “Jeff Hanley, as well; I always have him to fall back on for advice and I’ve learned a lot from him in a short time. Last but not least my dad Pete, car owner, crew chief and spotter for putting this deal together and not firing me yet haha.”

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