McClure’s No. 14 Camry to Sport New Look Beginning with Dollar General 300 at Chicagoland Speedway

See the car and try the new Hefty® Ultimate™ with ARM & HAMMER™ odor control trash bags!

To generate excitement for the launch of the new Hefty® Ultimate™ with ARM & HAMMER™ odor control trash bags, Eric McClure’s Toyota Camry will take on a different look for the last eight NASCAR Nationwide Series races in 2013.  The base of the car will sport the Hefty® Ultimate™ silver color, featuring blue and orange highlights. The Hefty® and Reynolds® brand logos will occupy the quarter and TV panels respectively.

Hefty® Ultimate™ with ARM & HAMMER™ odor control trash bags provide all you need in one bag. Its unique combination of odor control, a gripping drawstring, and incredible strength innovations combat pesky odors and help manage messes in the kitchen.

Fights Odor

Hefty® Ultimate™ with ARM & HAMMER™ patented odor neutralizing technology helps eliminate challenging kitchen trash odors and has more odor fighting agents than any other Hefty® trash bag.  This first-ever product line with ARM & HAMMER™ includes:

·         Scent-free

·         Lavender

·         Clean Burst™, the most popular ARM & HAMMER™ scent

Reduces Mess

To reduce messes, Hefty® Ultimate™ with ARM & HAMMER™ odor control was engineered with new features that help secure the bag to the trash can and provide improved tear- and puncture-resistance:

·         A silver patented elastic gripping drawstring expands and retracts so the bag stays put and won’t slip into the trash can.

·         A unique formulation of textured plastic provides more tear- and puncture-resistance than any other Hefty® tall kitchen bag

Look for these new bags at your favorite stores this Fall!

See the car, try the bags!
The Hefty®/Reynolds® show team will distribute samples of the new Hefty® Ultimate™ with Arm & Hammer™ odor control trash bags, along with a coupon towards purchase, beginning with the Kansas race weekend in October.  Be sure to check out for the event schedules, and plan to stop by to see the show car and be the first to try the new Hefty® Ultimate ™ with ARM & HAMMER™ odor control trash bags for yourself!

About Reynolds Consumer Products

Two of the most trusted household brands, Reynolds® and Hefty®, joined together as Reynolds Consumer Products in 2010.  While the establishment of this new company made it official, the truth is that Reynolds® and Hefty® products have been found side-by-side in the kitchens of American families for more than three generations.

The creation of both the Reynolds® and Hefty® brands is the direct result of American ingenuity mixed with a bit of elbow grease.  Reynolds Wrap® foil was invented after the use of aluminum for military purposes diminished after World War II and became a new staple for American kitchens.  Hefty® waste bags were first developed with excess material from an early plastics innovator, creating another household essential.

Today, Reynolds Consumer Products, headquartered in Lake Forest, Illinois, offers a diverse product portfolio of essentials for every home.  From prepping, cooking and serving, to storage and disposal, Reynolds Consumer Products provides solutions for controlling the chaos of busy households everywhere.

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