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The Canadian Racing Season Begins February 7, 8, & 9, 2014 at Toronto’s International Centre

(TORONTO, ON // JANUARY 17, 2014) Eibach Canada, producers of the world’s highest-quality chassis components, will make its Canadian Motorsports Expo debut this February, showcasing its line of springs, shocks and suspension components. Well-known to racing and automotive enthusiasts, Eibach parts can be found in everything from race cars, to performance street machines, and outdoor powersports equipment.

The Canadian Motorsports Expo Powered by Inside Track Motorsport News takes place February 7, 8 & 9 in Hall 5 of Toronto’s International Centre, across from Pearson Airport.

“Basically, if it takes a spring, Eibach has built it,” states John Pinfold, Marcor Sales Manager – Wholesale Division. “Eibach is considered the leading manufacturer of springs, sway bars and other suspension components in the world. Founded in 1951, the company started in Germany, but now the American subsidiary does virtually all of the research, development, and manufacturing processes, for the North American market.”

Eibach Canada’s attendance at the CME will be geared towards the racers and the racing industry. With a client list that includes AMG, Ferrari, Lotus, Mazda, numerous Formula One and NASCAR teams and many others, Eibach is a trusted choice of dedicated and demanding competitors.

At the show, Eibach Canada will feature a full product line catering to racing and street performance enthusiasts, with springs, shocks, sway bars and suspension components on display. Also showcased in the exhibit will be the Eibach-shod Dodge Challenger SR/T NASCAR Canadian Tire Series car of two-time NCATS race winner Louis-Phillipe (‘L-P’) Dumoulin.

Additionally, Eibach Motorsports Manager Frank Simonetti will be in the Eibach Canada booth to answer questions. He will also host a technical seminar, where he’ll share his expertise with racers, crews and anyone interested in learning from one of the industry’s most respected individuals.

“Frank Simonetti is ‘the guru’ when it comes to spring and shock arrangements,” continues Pinfold. “He’s the guy people search out when they have a problem.” For information on the timing of the Eibach Canada seminar and others, watch the ‘schedule’ page at

Speaking on behalf of the CME, Mike Galipeau said, “We are extremely excited about Eibach Canada coming to the Canadian Motorsports Expo. Having Eibach on hand with its products and offering racers an opportunity to tap into someone like Frank Simonetti is exactly what the CME is all about. In the past, racers and crews have had to travel great distances to get exposure to displays and expertise of this nature, but Eibach Canada is bringing it to Canadian competitors.”

According to Pinfold, a key aspect of the legendary reliability of Eibach’s components is the company’s commitment to using only the best in proprietary raw materials.

“Eibach uses only the most select grade of material, made to their demanding specifications. Then, with Eibach’s superior winding technology, nothing but the best is expected. When you combine that with Eibach’s years of experience in engineering, R&D and Motorsport, you end up with a product that has the lowest fatigue and failure rates found on the track or the street.”

Another concept that assures that end-users of Eibach’s products will experience success and reliability is the company’s focus on its three, individual manufacturing divisions.

“Our motorsports, performance and powersports divisions are their own entities when it comes to research and design. Their goal is to find out what works best for each of their specific needs,” continues Pinfold. “Eibach Canada has the largest inventory of springs, shocks and suspension components in the country. If someone comes to us at the Canadian Motorsports Expo with a specific need, I know we can take care of them quickly.”

ABOUT EIBACH CANADA: Whether you have ‘The Will to Win’ or would like to ‘Rule the Road,’ Eibach suspension parts can help every dedicated and demanding automotive enthusiast meet their goals. A world leader in the production of such varied products as engine valve and suspension springs, Eibach also designs and manufactures springs for such diverse needs as playground equipment and earthquake-dampening systems. Other related equipment, such as shock absorbers, sway bars and suspension components are also created under the Eibach banner, all made to the same, rigid Eibach standards. To learn more about the Eibach product line, visit their website at

ABOUT THE CME: The 8th Annual Canadian Motorsports Expo Powered by Inside Track Motorsport News takes place February 7, 8 & 9, 2014 at Toronto’s International Centre, adjacent to Pearson International Airport. The show features motorsport content geared to racers, fans and automotive enthusiasts. NASCAR Sprint Cup racer Ryan Newman will be at the CME on Saturday, February 8. For information about the show, including news, exhibitor and sponsorship opportunities, call (416) 962-7223, or email The CME’s website is located at

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