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The Canadian Racing Season Begins February 7, 8, & 9, 2014 at Toronto’s International Centre

(TORONTO, ON // JANUARY 17, 2014) Jeff Gordon’s 2014 NASCAR Sprint Cup car will make its Canadian debut in the Canadian Motor Speedway display at the Canadian Motorsports Expo. The 8th annual CME takes place February 7, 8 & 9 at Toronto’s International Centre.

For the fourth year in a row, the Canadian Motor Speedway (CMS) exhibit at Canada’s Ultimate Racing Show will feature one of Gordon’s cars. Racing fans in attendance at this year’s show are in for a special experience as the CMS booth will present – for the first time anywhere in Canada – the 2014 paint scheme that will appear on Gordon’s brand new #24 Axalta Chevrolet SS NASCAR Sprint Cup car when he takes to the track, one week after the Expo, to qualify for the season opening Daytona 500.

The car’s new paint scheme is being kept under wraps until Hendrick Motorsports and Axalta unveil it at the end of January in Charlotte, NC. The timing of the embargo will give Canadian racing fans who visit the Canadian Motor Speedway booth at the CME an exclusive opportunity to be among the first anywhere to see Gordon’s new ride in person.

“From the very first year, we’ve had Jeff’s car as the cornerstone of our CMS display. It’s always been one of the key attractions at the Expo,” commented Canadian Motor Speedway Partner and Executive Director Azhar Mohammad. “The fan interest in an actual NASCAR Sprint Cup show car – especially that of a driver as popular as Jeff – really gets the cameras clicking! We are always honoured to have the #24 with us at the CME, especially this year with the Canadian debut of the Axalta paint scheme. It’s a natural extension of our working relationship with Jeff, John Bickford and Hendrick Motorsports.”


Canadian Motor Speedway Chief Executive Officer Ibrahim Abou Taleb is similarly excited about showcasing Gordon’s car at the CME. “We are very proud to have Jeff’s brand new car at our Canadian Motor Speedway display at the CME. The fans know how close we are to Jeff and his work with us at CMS, so it’s wonderful to host the Canadian debut of his new car for the fans within days of the official launch at Hendrick Motorsports,” Taleb offered.

In addition to seeing the #24 car, visitors to the Canadian Motor Speedway will also be able to meet John Bickford, the Vice President and General Manager of Jeff Gordon, Inc. Bickford is Gordon’s stepfather and is widely credited for much of the on and off-track success achieved by the four-time NASCAR Sprint Cup champion during his illustrious career. Gordon, one of NASCAR’s top racers, is the designer of Canadian Motor Speedway. John Bickford will greet fans at the CMS booth on Friday, February 7 and Saturday, February 8.

Canadian Motorsports Expo attendees can also meet the CMS Management Team and view track and facility renderings. Also available will be up-to-date information on the on-site work completed so far, and construction plans for 2014 and 2015. Fans will also be able to obtain information about the hiring process, sponsorship opportunities and CMS community programs. The CMS team will also be available for business-to-business discussions to explore partnerships and potential opportunities.

ABOUT CANADIAN MOTOR SPEEDWAY: CMS is a world-class motorsport and entertainment development in Fort Erie, Ontario. CMS will include industrial, recreational and commercial retail space, as well as a motorsport innovation park in collaboration with McMaster University’s renowned Faculty of Engineering and Niagara College, expanding the build-out to $400 million. The core of the project is a stand-alone “Jeff Gordon Designed Signature Speedway” that includes a ¾-mile, banked oval and a two-mile FIA/FIM grade road course. Initial grandstand seating: 60 thousand, plus 5,000 enclosed club seats and 80 suites. For more info, visit, or follow CMS on Twitter @CMSnation. For more information or interviews, please contact Erik Tomas, Media Consultant, Canadian Motor Speedway. Office: (905) 892-0411; Cell: (289) 407-4410; or email

ABOUT JOHN BICKFORD: John Bickford is Vice President and General Manager of Jeff Gordon, Inc. He is also stepfather to NASCAR driver Jeff Gordon. Bickford started Gordon’s racing career on a makeshift racetrack in Vallejo, California in 1976 at the age of 5. At the same time, he started MPD, which is a company that produces products for physically challenged people to enable them to drive cars without the use of their feet. The company also produces race car products. In 1985, he moved east to further Jeff Gordon’s racing career, establishing a base in Pittsboro, Indiana. In 1996, following a move from Pittsboro to Concord, NC he became the Executive Vice President of Action Performance. While with Action, he spent 18 months in Europe working on Formula One and SBK World Super Bike. In 2004, he returned to Jeff Gordon, Inc. where he remains Vice President and General Manager.


ABOUT THE CME: The 8th Annual Canadian Motorsports Expo Powered by Inside Track Motorsport News takes place February 7, 8 & 9, 2014 at Toronto’s International Centre, adjacent to Pearson International Airport. The show features motorsport content geared to racers, fans and automotive enthusiasts. NASCAR Sprint Cup racer Ryan Newman will be at the CME on Saturday, February 8. For information about the show, including news, exhibitor and sponsorship opportunities, call (416) 962-7223, or email The CME’s website is located at

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